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3.23.19 – Take Note

This morning I spent some time looking back through some old journals from around a year ago, and from a year before that.

I do this every now and then –not to dwell on anything from the past, but to look back to see what the Lord has done, taking note of His fingerprints… and to see into what He is doing now.

I love seeing the dots starting to connect. The pieces of the puzzle starting to come together. Pulling all the “clues” together… ☺️?

It’s interesting to look back on things I’ve looked at, into, prayed about, asked the Lord about… and then only now being able to start “know” into those things, only now starting to see  —only that the Lord is up to something. A sense of knowing in my spirit, but not really seeing it or understanding it in detail yet. If that makes any sense at all.

I love how the Lord can speak to us with the way of His timing — there is significance.

I have a sticky note in my journal that I made a little while back that says, “Take note of 3/23” – so I’m curious to see how this day shapes up. ☀️

I will be very real and honest with you. Life has been hard for us, especially since November. It just has been. It seems like it’s been one thing after another thing after another after another for us. Though at times it may seem that we’re sitting in a “hopeless pile of a mess” that we “can’t seem to dig ourselves out of” — I know that this is just an illusion to try and steal our hope and our faith.

I know what is real, and I know what is true. No matter what things look like, no matter how things are shaping up to be. No matter how I feel. I know that we have victory.

I know that I can trust in my Father, and I will cling to Him.

I know that we are being strengthened because when I step to the side and look at some of the things we’ve been going through, I can’t believe that we are even still going. I know that sounds rather dramatic, but it’s true. It has to be the Lord carrying us. No, He hasn’t made it easy, He hasn’t just swooped in and taken us out of it all — boy would I love that. He never promised us that life would be ideal and easy and that we would have so many of the things we kind of think are the “life necessities and defaults” — ha! You know?

But there are things He has promised us, and I am clinging to those things.

I know that He’s good, I know that He’s faithful, and I know that He’s trustworthy.

He’s got this, and He’s got me. He’s got us.

“Many are they who say of me, “There is no help for him in God.”

But You, O Lord, are a shield for me,

my glory and the One who lifts up my head.” – Psalm 3:2-3

–Heather ?





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