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3.27.19 – One question, two different perspectives…

I was standing in the kitchen cooking my eggs this morning and a familiar question came to my mind…

“Oh no, God… what are You going to have me do?”

It wasn’t that I was thinking of any particular situation, but more like, I heard this question in my mind, and I could relate to it. I have had that exact question in mind so many times. I know now that it’s a question based out of fear, and not trust.

Then another question came to my mind…

“Oh wow, God! What are you wanting to do through me?”

It’s pretty much the same question, isn’t it?

But this question comes out of excitement, and a renewed mind, a renewed heart that’s been touched and transformed by the Lord.

By default, it’s very easy for me to ask the first question.

Only with that change of perspective,

that change of heart,

that realization of truth,

that renewed mind….

that I am able to ask the second way instead.

Oh Lord, help me to have the right heart to be able to ask the second way instead of the first.

I immediately think of Jesus, and I look at what He did.

In the moment of His radical obedience, He was misunderstood, it was embarassing, it made him look “bad” to many people, it was uncomfortable, it caused an uproar, it disrupted the norm, it got people talking…

And yet, could there be any more beautiful example of how radical obediance changed the course of history?

Could there be any more beautiful example of how the things that we may feel, the way we may appear to others, if we are misunderstood — none of that matters when we look at everything from the right perspective, when we look at the bigger picture.

God wants to do a thing through His people, and no matter what that may look like, we can trust Him, and we can know that He is good, and we can be excited that He wants to work through us. We can trust Him and let go.

I’ll be honest and say that the fact that I am feeling like I am supposed to write about this today, makes me a little uneasy. ha! You know why? Because there is still so much work to be done within my heart in the renewing, in the transformation, in the process.

But that’s okay, it’s the truth of where I am, and it’s in my heart-to-heart with the Lord that I realize that.

When we have a heart-to-heart with the Lord, we can know that He won’t let us stay where we are. ? He’s shown me that, and I know He is faithful.

–Heather ?


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