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4.3.19 – Obstacle Course

Sometimes life really does feel like an obstacle course.

We get over one thing, we jump through a hoop (is that an obstacle course thing?), we climb up and down, we fall in the mud, we crawl, we get back up, we keep going, we run…

I’ve noticed that some call these an “Adventure Course” rather than an “Obstacle Course”.

Have you ever done something that’s hard, something that you never thought you’d ever in a million years be able to do, and then somehow —you do that thing.

Somehow you’ve done that thing.

You do that thing again, and again… in spite of your nerves, in spite of it still not “being easy” you keep trying and you keep doing it.

Then one morning you wake up and your nerves aren’t going as much as they used to about it.

That thing doesn’t seem as big and dreadful as it once did. You know it’s not impossible for you because you’ve had victory, you’ve done it…. but the left over anxiety, the “what ifs”, the “doing it afraid” — it’s all starting to fade away.

Isn’t that amazing?

Then you get to the next thing on the obstacle course. ? ? ??‍♀️

But what do you do? You stare it down, and you keep going.

Why? Because nothing is impossible.

It may take some trial and error, it might be hard, but nothing is impossible with God.

Sometimes we do the things we don’t want to do, the things we couldn’t imagine ourselves doing — just so that God can show us, to let us experience that nothing is impossible with Him. He knows it’s good for us to get to experience that. ?

As I am finishing up the last few pages of my current journal…(not my favorite journal, by the way, but I knew it was just an “in-between journal” — don’t get me wrong, it’s a great journal, and I can write in it just as I can with any journal, it’s just not the kind you cozy up with and really enjoy writing in. If that makes any sense.)

I just picked up my next journal that I’ll be starting in the next couple of days, and on this cover it says, “With God all things are possible” and the text is surrounded in flowers and vines, you open to the inside cover and it’s a garden. I love it.

Here’s the interesting thing — You know how on some journals they’ll put a phrase or some text into the header or the footer of the pages? It’s usually something different, right?

Well, in this one, in faded text within the header of each and every page it says, “With God all things are possible” — haha, the Lord must know that I’ll need that reminder every single day within this particular journal, in this coming season.

Uh boy!

–Heather ?


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