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4.18.19 – Facing Reality

“For the wisdom of the wise will keep life on the right track, while the fool only deceives himself and refuses to face reality.” – Proverbs 14:8 TPT

I have realized that there are sometimes certain realities in life that I would rather deny or run from than have to have to face and deal with.

Some realities are painful. Some realities are hard to look at.

It’s kind of like a band-aid bandage covering a wound, we know it’s there and we have a feeling that it’s probably not healing as it should –but we don’t want to lift it to take a look at this nasty, ugly wound. We don’t want to look at reality of where we are in the healing process. Or maybe it’s getting worse and we need to go see a doctor about it but we don’t want to even consider that because it’s too annoying or too scary…so we cover it back up and think about something else.

Have you ever been in that place? I have.

But I am discovering that often the things we avoid, run from, or “tune out” can quickly worsen and get out of hand if we’re not willing to face those things head on.

It’s like weeds in a garden. If we get annoyed and just stop dealing with them, if we ignore those weeds, if we busy ourselves and don’t put some focus on facing them and pulling them up what will they do? They’ll get out of hand and before we know it they’ll take over the whole garden.

But you know, we don’t ever have to face these kinds of things alone. Jesus is with us. The Holy Spirit is our Counselor. We even get to rest in Him as we face these challenges.

Here’s where I am… I would rather have to face and work on these things alongside my Savior, than to “have nothing to work on” in my life and not “get to” work through all the challenges with Him. As hard as life challenges can be, I’ve come to enjoy facing challenges with Jesus. I don’t welcome trouble, but I know that no matter what I face, when I face it with Him, He’s going to do a beautiful work, and He’s going to teach me some things. And He’s the best Teacher, you know? ?

Best of all, He’s going to teach me peace. He’ll lead me into rest while I’m in the middle of it all. Because He’s with me. Because He wants me to encounter His peace and rest, no matter what I face.

“But Lord, Your nurturing love is tender and gentle. You are slow to get angry yet so swift to show Your faithful love. You are full of abounding grace and truth.” – Psalm 86:15

I love that about Him. ?

-Heather ?

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