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5.11.19 – “Lord, I haven’t seen a rainbow in a while…”

The other day I looked up into the sky and thought, “I haven’t seen any rainbows up in the sky in quite a while!”

I believe it was around two years ago that we saw them around here all the time, even double rainbows. What a joy it was to see them in the sky and to be reminded of God’s symbol of promise.

But when I looked up into the sky the other day and wondered with my question about where the rainbows have gone, I said to the Lord,

“Lord, I haven’t seen a rainbow around here in a long time. Do You think we could have one to see in the sky soon? I miss seeing them. I love seeing reminders of Your promise.”

I guess it was kind of one of those childlike moments with my Heavenly Father. I suppose that was a childish kind of request. But it almost seemed to be placed upon my heart to ask Him for it.

Then on Sunday evening I was in the kitchen, when I looked out the window and saw the widest rainbow I think I had ever seen! It was low to the ground and very wide.

When I saw it I instantly remembered when I asked God if I could see one again soon, and I had to laugh as I connected everything together! Plus, it was just the moment I really did need to be reminded of His promises. He’s so good!

I grabbed my camera and ran outside to get a photo, and by the time I got there it had started to fade, but you can barely still see it in the picture.

It all comes down to this: He keeps His promises. He doesn’t forget about them. He loves to remind us that He is faithful. ?

Thank you, Father. ✨

-Heather ?

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