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5.19.19 – Love Be the Loudest

Ginny Owens was one of the first Christian artists that I listened to when I was growing up. Her music came at a time when I really needed it.

I recently heard a couple of songs from her more recent album called, “Love Be The Loudest” and I love what she says here,

“Most people think my greatest life challenge is blindness; I’ve been blind since age three. But that simply isn’t true,” says Owens. “My greatest challenge is doing battle with the critical voices in my head that distract me from what’s most important. It’s the whispers of those who feel sorry for me because of my physical challenge and don’t think I hear their comments. It’s the shouts of my own doubts and insecurities, asking, ‘Do you have anything valuable to contribute to society?’ It’s the mindless chatter of our culture, inviting me to believe that any voice, as long as it’s loud, is fine. Every song on this album is an invitation to my heart, and the heart of the listener, to allow God’s perfect voice of love and truth to be irresistible to our hearts, drowning out all other voices, and moving us to action.” – Ginny Owens

In her song, “The Loudest Voice” she writes,

“There is so much noise, that fights for my attention
Begging me to listen, but will I chose to listen?
Old familiar sounds, of doubt and fear and anger
That threaten me with danger, but will I run from danger?

It reminded me that we truly have the choice in who we listen to, what voice we listen to. Will we choose well? Will we listen to the voices of the enemy, the chatter in the earth around us, or the loving voice of God? We do have a choice. It’s easy to forget that sometimes. I love how she goes into this part of the song as a powerful prayer and declaration,

Love be … the loudest voice I hear
The loudest voice I hear, the loudest voice I hear
And love is … drowning out my fear
Drowning out my fear, it’s the loudest voice I hear
It’s the loudest voice I hear”

In another song on the album called, “Fearless” I love to listen to this song as a prayer, and as an encouragement in times when I’m facing a “giant”. I can almost picture this fire of God deep within that burns with passion, causing whatever I am to say or do to rise up from within me in a way that makes me brave. I remember that He is fearless and it is HIM that strengthens and empowers me! I don’t have to rely on my own courage and bravery, because the real stuff comes from Him.

“In the times when I’m weak
Be strong in me.
If my lips are too afraid to speak
If my lungs are finding hard to breathe
Start a fire deep inside of me
Make me brave ’cause You’re all I need
Your love is fearless

She continues,

“Hope is alive
Shines in the darkest night.
And I feel it arise
Here in this soul of mine.
O dance over me
Gives my heart a reason to believe
Here’s the fear that I hold
Help me let go.

-Heather ?

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