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5.26.19 – “Call me out of where I’ve been”

This is such a simple song, but the depth…. wow.

“Call Me” by United Pursuit

“Call me, call me out of where I’ve been
Call me out of where I’ve been
Take me, take me near to Your heart
Take me near to Your heart
Wake me to the river that flows,
that flows down from Your throne
Flows down from Your throne”

I imagine the Lord –what His heart might be, what His response might be when we ask Him for things like this, in this way. I imagine His response being, “YES, YES, YES, My child! I am drawing you close. Our adventure has already begun! We’re walking away from who you’ve been, into who you are to become!”

-Heather ?

2 thoughts on “5.26.19 – “Call me out of where I’ve been”

  1. God bless you❤ Thankyou for this beautiful song! I look forward to your post everyday. Praise our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

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