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6.8.19 – A “Window” and A “Deep and Wide” Fountain

I’ve been thinking again about a dream I had last year… well, it was more of just something I heard as I was waking up. It was simply this…

“Come, and sit under My window.”

I don’t know why I was to write about that this morning, in fact I asked the Lord,

“What do I even say about that? I am still in the middle of figuring out the simplicity as well as the depth of what You meant by that, God. Shouldn’t I just keep it in my private journal for now?”

But it’s what I can’t seem to shake this morning, so I’m going to write it down here today.

Maybe it’s all about this — I love how the Lord is always reaching out to communicate with us. He longs to share things with us. We may not fully understand some of the things He shows us right away, but He invites us to sit with Him and ask and seek Him.

He has this way of giving us a hunger to seek Him, to know Him, to understand His ways, and as we sit with Him and talk with Him, He starts giving us understanding, sometimes in puzzle pieces.

I love how He speaks so simply and that simplicity then goes so much deeper.

Simple understanding into deeper understanding, into deeper understanding…

He speaks, He shows us things, He gives us hunger, and then He takes us on a journey of discovering more and more of Him. This journey of discovering the depth of the Lord only gets better and better….

Literally as I was typing just now I had a flash back to when I was maybe 4 or 5 years old. I used to sing the little child’s hymn song called, “Deep and Wide” and the words are suddenly coming back to me. It was my most favorite one to sing and even “perform” (haha) to my parents for a while. I can even hear myself singing it in my tiniest little kid voice while doing the hand motions of stretching my arms as tall as I could reach them and as wide as I could reach them while singing over and over and over…

“Deep and wide, deep and wide,
There’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.
Deep and wide, deep and wide,
There’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.”

You remember those times, don’t You, Lord. ? They meant something to You, didn’t they?

Well this journal post took an interesting turn today, didn’t it? ? Sometimes they do. I have no idea if this will mean anything else to anyone but me today, but I’ll always go with what the Lord has me to write.

Thank you, Lord. ?

-Heather ?


2 thoughts on “6.8.19 – A “Window” and A “Deep and Wide” Fountain

  1. It does seem that we can make things and expect things to be HARD when it comes to God, when in fact it is the quiet voice of simple wisdom he speaks to us which only he can. It seems as I look back it was so simple i missed it many times. Im working hard to not miss his voice for direction in my life today. God bless you Heather. In Christ Jesus ?

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