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6.13.19 – Found

I hadn’t planned on writing about any of this on here until I started seeing something this morning…

Yesterday as we were headed out to a prayer meeting, we received word that a friend had been in a bad wreck, and that his puppy had escaped from the wreck and ran off. He couldn’t be found. So we took a detour and went over there to see if we could help.

We searched with a group for probably an hour and a half when the dog was found….

Wide eyed, hiding under a root in a deep, wooded area –shaking, afraid, and alone.

The puppy was carried out of the woods safely, and he’s going to be alright, but as I was writing this down in my journal this morning, suddenly I saw something deeper into this thing…

Just like this puppy, sometimes we become so afraid, so in shock, so overwhelmed that we run from the scary, overwhelming things in life. We run and we run, and we hide ourselves deep in the dark woods, far away from the reach of any human help.

We hear others calling for us, trying to call us out of the woods, but in that state of fear, or whatever kind of paralyzing thing we are dealing with, we don’t have it in us to get up and carry ourselves out of that deep, dark gully in the woods.

But then when God sees us… when He looks upon us with His all-seeing eyes…

…and He comes after us. He finds us. He picks us up, and He carries us safely out of the deep woods to a place where we can be helped and cared for.

When nobody can find us, when nobody can reach us, God sees us. He always sees us. He knows exactly were we are when we attempt to hide from everyone out of fear, out of shame, out of whatever.

He picks us up in our most helpless state, and carries us out of that dark place, and into a place of refuge and light, where we can be helped and cared for.

We are found. ☀️

“I once was lost, but now I’m found” 

Isn’t that beautiful? The Lord has done that for me a time or two in my life. ?

Thank you for caring for us, Father. And thank You for also even caring for sweet little helpless puppies too. You have a big heart with room for each and every one of us –and I love that about You. ?

-Heather ?

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