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6.16.19 – “Father,”

Did you know, that no matter what we face we have a Heavenly Father we can run to?

Running to my Father is all I need to do in dealing with any kind of circumstance that I could possibly face in this life.

He won’t let me down, He won’t turn me away, He won’t lead me astray.

OH, it didn’t used to be this way for me. ?

For many years of my life I didn’t know that I had such a wonderful, welcoming, tender Heavenly Father. I wasn’t able to see the open arms there before me.

This was how I saw it…

I had my friend and Savior, Jesus, and then there was this distant “all-knowing, all-seeing intimidating God” that I didn’t much like to think about, and then there was this “mysterious” “thing” called the Holy Ghost that I didn’t know much about, didn’t understand the purpose of.

Sounds silly when I type it and when I read it, but this was the reality of my perception.

I remember the first time I was able to address God as “Father”….

It was a moment that was surprisingly so hard to do, even just privately addressing Him as “Father” in my journal — how it was such an uncharacteristic thing for me at the time, and yet it was like a whole new part of eternity was opening up for me. I was going through some forgiveness issues, and emotional healing at the time. I was in this place of going from being buried in blindness to the brink of my eyes beginning to crack open to see the light of truth.

Since that time in my life, God has taken me on an adventure of discovering what it’s like to have a Father…

To have a Heavenly Father that I can run to,

sit with,

enjoy His presence through the Holy Spirit

enjoy His company without intimidation,

joyfully open up my heart to, pour my heart out to,

and let wipe away my tears.

Our relationship with our Heavenly Father is the most wonderful relationship we could possibly have. It’s the most wonderful thing in the world, and I know there is so much more to experience, both on this side of eternity and into forever…

There is room in the Father’s heart for you.

He has always had a unique place in there just for you. ? His love for each of His children is completely unique.

The love that comes from Him is not just any kind of love, it’s a Father’s love.

Thank You, Father. ??? I’m so thankful to be getting to know You. Thank You for loving me back to life.

-Heather ?

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