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6.23.19 – Learning to be His daughter.

“And, “I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.'” – 2 Corinthians 6:18

For most of my life, I’ve never really considered myself to be a very good daughter.

I’ve never really known how to be a daughter of God. I was too busy being afraid of God and hiding from Him, avoiding Him. I was too busy being afraid of Him, and this kept me from sitting with Him in order to get to know Him. This prevented me from being in a place of learning how to be His daughter.

In the process of drawing closer to the Lord, He has been teaching me how to be His daughter. ?

Why is this important?

Because when I am able to be His daughter, I remain in the knowing and realization of who my Heavenly Father is… who He is for me, and who He is for others. He teaches me who I am.

What does learning to be a daughter do? What does a Father teach a daughter by being her Father?

He teaches her that He is proud of her, that she is loved, that she is created for a purpose, that He has a hope and a dream for her life –that she matters.

What does this do for a daughter?

It supercharges her to believe that she can do this life, because she has a Heavenly Father who intentially made her, who believes in her, who loves her unconditionally, who has her back, who protects her, who welcomes her, who knows what is best for her — a Father who leads her.

When a daughter realizes that she has a Heavenly Father — one that she doesn’t need to run and hide from, and she realizes that she has a Heavenly Father she can always, always run to no matter what. It will change her whole outlook on life.

So thank you, Father God, for teaching me how to be Your daughter. Keep teaching me, I have so much still to learn. What a treasure You are!

-Heather ?

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