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6.29.19 – Learning to Tune In

The Lord has been teaching me how to quiet myself before Him.

How to just simply “be” and “wait” before Him until I am able to hear what He is saying.

For someone like me, who has an overactive mind that wants to run wild with wonderings and questions and thoughts and ideas and memories…. this has not been an easy thing for me to learn. But He’s teaching me how to get there. Sometimes it’s easy to hear from Him, there’s no getting by it, and other times I realize I’ve got to really focus to be able to hear, to press past the things that attempt to distract and hinder.

There’s something about coming before the Lord, knowing that I am truly standing there before Him, and just waiting expectantly on Him. He’s already speaking, I am just waiting to be in a place where I am in tune enough with Him to be able to hear. I am just waiting on all of those thoughts and distractions to be cleared away, and when I wait in faith that He will help me with that, those things will be cleared away. As they are cleared away, it’s like the dam broke and a flow of water bursts forth.

I’m realizing now more than ever how anxiety and fear can really keep me in a place where it’s more of a challenge to tune in to Him.

So He’s been teaching me here in the secret place, and I know that He will help me to carry what I learn into the places where I am up against my biggest fears and and most intense anxiety that tries to overtake my mind.

As I look back over my life, I can see how fear and anxiety attempted to completely block communion and closeness with the Lord. I can see that massive attempt, the scheme that was put into place. How I was afraid even to approach God, I was so deep in fear that it was fine by me to just completely tune out anything spiritual. As best as I could.

I was attempting to tune out the very help that I needed, and that gave way for the dark side to be even more present in my life for many, many years. Isn’t that wild? I’m so thankful and relieved to be able to see that now.

Jesus came in and smashed that evil scheme and said, “No more.” He came to my rescue, took me by the hand and said, “Come with Me, here we go!”

Anyway, this morning as soon as I was able to get past the thoughts in my head, I was able to hear Him. I had already opened up to a place in my bible and I heard that I was to turn “5 pages back” and focus on that passage.

He brought me to Ezekiel 40.

It’s the passage where the Lord showed Ezekiel some pretty incredible things, and He told him to declare what he saw, heard and remembered to the people.

Isn’t it wild to think that the Lord wants to show us things? Isn’t it incredible to think that He’s waiting for us to get into the place where He can share amazing things with us? He’s waiting until we get into the place where we can be trusted to declare what He shows us. He’s waiting on us to tune into Him, and to be obedient with whatever He tells us to do with it.

I don’t want to miss out on that. I’m thankful to God that He has not left me trapped in that evil scheme of the enemy — in attempt to take over my life.

Thank you, Lord. ☀️?

-Heather ?

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