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7.7.19 – “Why did You do it this way, Lord? What’s the lesson in this?”

Have you ever been in the middle of something and you’ve asked the Lord,

“What is the lesson You want me to learn in this? What is the lesson here?”

“Why did You have me do it this way, Lord?”

‘Why did it work out like this? What’s the lesson I am to learn here?”

Have you ever found yourself asking questions like this, especially when you’re in the middle of a situation that has pulled you from side to side?

Something I am recognizing in my own life is this…

God doesn’t “owe” us any explanations, but He so often shows us things and gives us a depth of understanding that we can take away from the things we go through. Isn’t that so wonderful of Him?

“Why the twists and turns, Lord? Why did You have me going this direction and suddenly tell me to veer right? What was that about?”

One thing the Lord is doing in me, is He is dealing with my “I can’t handle last minute things” kind of attitude. Boy, has He worked with me on that. HA! Thankfully! He doesn’t want us to be stuck in any kind of limited attitude!

And while there is usually always some kind of lesson in everything we go through, sometimes we don’t get to fully understand like we want to.

Sometimes we just have to keep on trusting Him and His ways, whether we have any kind of understanding or not. ☀️

But He does have this way of pulling things together in the most wonderful way, allowing us to look back and see His fingerprints and footsteps all over our lives.

Thank you, Lord. ?

-Heather ?

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