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7.16.19 – Coming to Him as my beloved Father, not my “problem solver”…

This morning as I came before the Lord, I felt the deep need to put away all of my “problems” all of the “issues” all of my “concerns”, to put them aside and to simply come before my Heavenly Father –my Father and Friend that I so enjoy just being with. Yes He is my “problem solver” but this morning I felt the need to just simply “be” before Him and to love Him with all of my heart and all of my mind – all that I am.

As I sat down at the table I heard,

“Enter His gates with thanksgiving…”

And then…

“Lay all your troubles aside as you first come to Me.”

“Allow Me to draw you near, then we can talk about your troubles together.”

So I came before Him, setting my heart right, deciding to come to Him not as my “problem solver” but simply as my beloved Father and Friend that I love spending time with.

Then right away I heard,

“Turn 5 pages to the left in your bible”

I had my bible open to just a random place this morning, I just opened it as I was waiting on the Lord to lead me this morning…

So I turned from that place, 5 pages to the left, and this brought me to Ezekiel 17:22-24 ?

“Thus says the Lord God: “I myself will take a sprig from the lofty top of the cedar and will set it out. I will break off from the topmost of its young twigs a tender one, and I myself will plant it on a high and lofty mountain. 23 On the mountain height of Israel will I plant it, that it may bear branches and produce fruit and become a noble cedar. And under it will dwell every kind of bird; in the shade of its branches birds of every sort will nest. 24 And all the trees of the field shall know that I am the Lord; I bring low the high tree, and make high the low tree, dry up the green tree, and make the dry tree flourish. I am the Lord; I have spoken, and I will do it.”

Isn’t that just the most beautiful reminder of how the Lord uses the “small”, the “insignificant”, the “unlikely”, the “broken”, the “lowly”…. for His purpose?

Thank you, Jesus. ?Father, thank You for being a God who has a heart like this. ?

I also take special notice of this part…

“…I Am the Lord; I have spoken, and I will do it.”

(I was going to try and write something about that statement, but I decided there is nothing I can say about it. ?)

Thank You, Lord. ☀️?

-Heather ?

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