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7.17.19 – An attempt to put into words…

…And then He turns and speaks to me…. into my little life. Me??

This leaves me completely dumfounded, leaving me shaking my head in amazement, astonishment –the most refreshing tears come bursting forth with thanksgiving and unworthiness and amazement…

There is nothing quite like these moments when the Lord speaks so personally, so directly, so intimately…

This realization is just about more than I can handle as a human being.

Sometimes it comes in the Word, sometimes it comes during times of prayer, sometimes it comes through the written word of others, sometimes it comes through a series of things that occur in a day or a church service, and sometimes it comes in a simple spoken word from another person that just hits me and breaks me open in the deepest part of my being….

This morning I had one of those moments as I read a written word that the Lord led me to, and it hit me deeply. I had no doubt it was a direct message from the Lord into my life.

….the way that He does this, the way that it just completely melts us, wrecks us, crumbles us with that knowing that the God of the universe took a moment in time to orchestrate that just for me, for my little life…. a little life that He has somehow woven into His extraordinary, incomprehensible, wondrous plans for eternity.

Isn’t that amazing?

He breaks me with these words of truth that He speaks over me and into me, and then He refreshes me and “builds me” and shapes me, a little more, and a little more into who He always had in mind for me to become.

It just feels “right” doesn’t it?

It’s like He’s giving me these little clues into who I am…who I am designed to be and to become… what a joy it is to discover a new clue from Him in this journey!

I don’t know what eternity will be like, Lord, but I always want to remember these moments here on earth, when You took the time to turn and speak to me so personally, so intimately in this journey with You. What a treasure these moments are.

What a tremendous heart He has. It’s just beyond anything…I mean, how does He manage to keep up with everything, and with all of us, you know? ☺️

So yea, I attempted to write about it this morning, didn’t I? haha ?I never feel that I can even come close with words, but when I feel this –whatever it is, there is something boiling within me, a joyful sense of urgency and need to write about it. A “need” to remember this very moment, attempting to put it into some kind of words.

(Isn’t that such a funny, ironic thing for a girl who has always felt such a loss for words in her life, to feel the need to attempt something like this?)

Thank you, Father. ?

-Heather ?

2 thoughts on “7.17.19 – An attempt to put into words…

  1. This is exactly what God wanted me to read and hear today! Your words are so encouraging as I am struggling with infidelity in my marriage that just about destroyed me. I’m trying to let it go and forgive him but it’s the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. It’s like a death I grieve every day but he’s not dead. I think it would be easier to accept if he were dead. The question of WHY AND HOW haunt me and I want it to go away, I want to move forward and give it to God and be able forgive so I can have my life back. I keep reading what you wrote that almost seems like you wrote it especially for me. I thank you for bringing me to tears and opening my heart to God.

    1. Carol – thank you for sharing your heart. The Lord never ceases to amaze me in the way He works through us, I’m so glad to hear that He encouraged you and spoke to you through this post! I so admire your honesty and transparency and I pray that the Lord will meet you right where you are, that He will continue to encouage you, to lift you and carry you, to keep you and to protect you as you continue on this journey of healing with Him! He is close to the brokenhearted and I know that He is drawing near to you! May your journey in “moving forward” with Him be blessed beyond what you could ever imagine for your life! Bless you, friend! – Heather

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