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7.27.19 – The Light that Surfaces and Reveals

This morning has been an eventful morning with the Lord.

Our Lord is faithful to reveal and uncover and shine His powerful light into the darkness, giving us clarity and ability to see what needs to be seen.

When we seek Him for understanding, He will give us all of the understanding that we need. Maybe not all that we want, but we will be given what we need for that time.

I have been in prayer about some things lately, and the other day I prayed that the Lord would let anything that needed to be known, that it would come to the surface, that it would be revealed, that it would be brought into the light so that it can be seen and known.

Well, He is starting to quickly surface some things, and yesterday came some tremendous revelation…. revelation that I sometimes don’t know what to do with, other than just to thank Him for, and to continue to pray into, trusting that He’s doing what He does, and that is being in complete control of that situation in the most perfect and loving way.

How I love truth, and I love how the Lord knows exactly when the truth is to be revealed and seen and understood. He is so good at that, isn’t He?

Isn’t He the most wonderful Teacher and Counselor?

He is always teaching us, always leading us through lessons and tests and even trials that grow us in different ways, and teaching us things that we may never think we need in the moment, but later on, we can see why we had to endure such things. The reason could be for our own good, or for the good of others, for the Kingdom.

I’m thankful when He shows us “the reason why” –the dots that connect into a bigger picture, and then we can see it. What a gift that is, and something He does not have to do for us, and yet He does many times, whether we are watching to see it or not.

Wow, I didn’t know I would be going into this on my blog post this morning.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure what I would end up writing about, because so many things have come together this morning, and it’s not just one specific thing.

On a side note, I am so excited that we are getting to start back on some of our house renovation projects. We started back on finishing a closet and a bookshelf, and it is doing my heart some good. ?We picked up some paint yesterday, and I think this morning I’m going to stain a built in bookshelf that Jason made. Side note: I love the smell of books! I can’t wait to unpack our boxes of books and place them on my new book shelf! ?

As many of you know we’ve pretty much been living in a construction zone for a couple of years, tearing up carpet, tearing down walls, pulling back the sheet rock to reveal the old original bead boards in our home. But life happens and sometimes everything comes to a screeching halt…. and that has happened to us a time or two with this whole house DIY renovation process. I have had to learn to be okay with it, as much as I possibly can, but I’ll admit that sometimes I’ll look around and just feel so frustrated about it, frustrated about not being finished. But, as always, there is a lesson in every challenge, and I have come to expect that in my life.

Thank you, Lord, for every lesson. You know what is needed to shape me into who You’ve designed me to be.

-Heather ?

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