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8.1.19 – The Unfolding: Writing the Pages of My Story

As I sit at the table with the Lord this morning, I look down at the cover of my current journal (the one with only a couple of pages left) and I take note of what it says…

“For I know THE PLANS I have for YOU” (Jeremiah 29:11)

I have seen the cover of this journal every single day, and somehow this morning as I read what it says, it’s like I look to the Lord and I smile and say,

“….yes You do, Lord. You sure do.” ☀️

I have believed in the truth of this verse, I have digested it, and I have reminded myself during the times of unknown, the times of waiting, the times of uncertainty, in times of seeing the Lord work things out for others, and of course in my own life as well… but somehow this morning I am reading this verse with a new sense of understanding — I read it with a new sense of knowing it and experiencing it in such a real way, because it has literally unfolded within the pages of this journal.

How the Lord has revealed so much to me in the pages of this particular journal that has to do with the “plans that He has for me”. ?

I absolutely love how each journal writes and unfolds the story of a new and different season in my life. I am beginning to catch on to the way that He will often give me the tiniest little glimpse, of perhaps, what He might want to teach me in that particular season. As I open my journal up to the first page, and as I look at the symbols or the verse on each different cover, I’ll see time and time again how a lot of the time that symbol, that verse with have such significance for me in that season. It’s so interesting to see the way my story unfolds within the pages of each journal.

God is so neat. I know that’s a cheesy thing to say, but I really mean it. ?

-Heather ?

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