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8.17.19 – Breaking Open

As I sat down at my table this morning…

As I came to sit with my Heavenly Father…

I felt an overwhelming sense of “relief”… and suddenly I found myself just weeping before Him, broken before Him…

“I made it back to You…. here I am –Your daughter…”

It was like in that moment, I just broke open before Him.

In that moment, my heavy heart and burdens were replaced with comfort, thankfulness, and peace. I was wrapped in His arms.

After this asked myself, “What just happened? Why am I doing this? What is happening here?”

I simply came running to my Heavenly Father. ?I couldn’t get to Him fast enough this morning.

I’m just being raw and real here. This is just what happens with me every now and then — things begin to pile up without me realizing it, the weight gets heavy, I realize that I am carrying burdens, it all seems to be too much for me to handle, and I can’t wait to get to my Heavenly Father to just be there before Him, to just be there with Him, just to open up and share my heart with Him.

I couldn’t get to Him fast enough this morning. It was like I sat down and… “I’m here Lord, I made it back to You. It’s our time together that I cherish so much!” …and it was like He just wrapped me in His arms and I let it all go…

Isn’t it wild how things can pile up without us even realizing it? Tension, stress, burdens, being overwhelmed….

I never have to be concerned with burdening the Lord with my heart.

I never have to be concerned that I am being overbearing or a bother as I share my heart with Him.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that as His child, I can sit in His lap, and just talk with Him for hours and hours — never holding back, never worrying what He might think, never worrying about a thing as I talk freely Him? Because He already knows it all…good and bad, and He already, and always loves me more than I can comprehend. There is nothing I can do to “mess that up.”

He never wants me to hide from Him, He never wants me to “tip-toe” around Him…

Thank you, Father. What a precious thing I get to have with You. I treasure You with all of my heart. ?

-Heather ?

2 thoughts on “8.17.19 – Breaking Open

  1. Heather thanks for your words that is exactly what I am doing right now …
    I will read a daily devotional and weep like I am now, reading your words. Because I have burdens on my heart and mind that wake me at 2 am and I start praying Jesus help me with my anxiety and what is happening with my family. I know it’s God that is triggering the crying as a way to talk with him in a heavenly language that I don’t have words for. Off I go gotta go to work.

    1. Hello Lisa, thank you for sharing your heart – your transparency is just absolutely beautiful. Isn’t it wonderful to know that the Lord sees every tear, and each one means a whole lot to Him. The happy ones, the sad ones, the ones that are out of gratefulness and when we are overcome and overwhelmed by His love…. Bless you, Lisa! Thanks for stopping by to share! – Heather

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