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8.22.19 – My “Unfinished, Soon-to-Be, One Day, Study Cabin”

The storm last night reminded me of the time a storm tried to blow over my “unfinished, soon-to-be, one day, study cabin.” Thought I’d share some things I had written in my journal from earlier this week…

It’s about 1:11 PM on a Tuesday, I’m writing this from my little study cabin “front porch” –if you could call it that. Working out here today while it’s so nice out, and had to take a moment to write about some things. I find myself even more inspired to write when I sit on this little porch. ☺️

Did I ever tell you about how this little cabin was going to be our “chicken coop/ chicken mansion” at one time? We were rolling right along on building it, making progress, a storm even tried to blow it over in the very beginning, and Jason went out and saved it, and we still got it mostly put together rather quickly. Then one day the Lord led me outside to this little “chicken mansion”, and I went inside, closed the door, sat down and found myself talking with the Lord…

I suddenly felt such a closeness with Him, sitting there on the floor of this soon-to-be “chicken mansion”, and then all of a sudden I knew that this was not to be a “chicken mansion”… it was supposed to be a place where I can come before the Lord, to sit with Him, a place for quiet, a place for… I really didn’t know exactly “what,” but I heard so clearly,

“I will meet you here.”

Wow, what do You mean, Lord? How so?

I really didn’t know, other than it’s what I felt I heard, and I knew in that moment that it was to be for me, and not for the chickens. I knew that, at least! ☺️

So I held it in for a while, didn’t have the heart to tell Jason that all of his hard work may turn into “more hard work” if we were to finish the inside to make it a study.

Then one day he looked over and mentioned something about how it was awfully nice to be a “chicken coop” and I agreed… that’s when I told him that I thought maybe we should use it for us instead of for the chickens.

He agreed, and from that point on it became “the unfinished, soon-to-be study” instead of the “chicken mansion.”

We’ve done some work on it here and there, but for right now it’s nothing more than storage, really. I do get to sit on the little front porch. It’s my favorite place to sit outside in the evenings when it’s nice out.

I’m looking forward to one day when I can come out here early in the quiet mornings, right before dawn, and sit with the Lord, making it our place, making it a place to come for quiet, a place to come and read, to write, to hear what He wants to speak. Then I’ll sit on my porch and watch the sunrise, and begin the day with Jesus and a cup of coffee.

One day… ☀️

(A girl can dream, right?)

For now, the little porch will do in the afternoons. ☺️?I love my little porch, and I’m so thankful for my most favorite dining room table in the mornings where I can sit in the most beautiful sunrise glow. It’s very special to me because of the times I’ve had with the Lord at that table, in that spot.

Thank You, Lord, for all of the wonderful things You have in store for us.

-Heather ?

2 thoughts on “8.22.19 – My “Unfinished, Soon-to-Be, One Day, Study Cabin”

  1. I too had a place where I would go to meet with the Lord. About 10 years ago going through stress of taking care of my dad after his stroke and being an empty nester I am divorced so I didn’t have any person to help me with anything, I felt led to walk to a school near my house only on the weekends no one around and there was a huge oak and a grove of trees with a place to sit. I felt drawn to sit and talk to God and end up crying. It was shaded and the wind would blow and it would be so relaxing, I knew it was God meeting me there. I hadn’t been going to church for decades but after that I felt God wanted me to get back to church. I asked where and he reminded me that my grandparents were Baptists so I started going to the one down the street and have been there since.

    1. Wow, Lisa! That is absolutely beautiful, I can picture it as you have described it. Isn’t it amazing that we get to meet the Lord in this way? Here’s there waiting on us with arms wide open. Ready to comfort, ready to empower, ready to refill, always speaking beautiful truth over His children. I am so blessed to read your testimony, thanks for sharing! Bless you! – Heather

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