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9.13.19 – Looking through the overwhelming things…

I started to write about some things I’m overwhelmed about…

I started to write about some things I’m frustrated about…

Things I’m trying to push through…

But then I thought…

“Why not just look right to the solution? Why not just start with what God’s Word says about all the situations, all the things in life that overwhelm me, all the things that get under my skin if I let them…why not just focus there, and not at the things that cause me to be overwhelmed?”

Thank You, Father. ?Thank You for reminding me, Holy Spirit. ✨

So, as I am looking right through what I’m facing, all my frustrations, my obstacles, my feelings of being overwhelmed and I say this…

My God goes before me, He leads me, He guides my path. He sustains me.

He will not leave me nor forsake me, He will lead me through these feelings of being overwhelmed and replace them with His peace.

He is my Protector and my Deliverer – a shield against anything that may come my way.

He reminds me when I need reminding, He knows me well, and He faithfully shows me when I get myself in my own way.

I am covered in the blood of Jesus, and in His name, I can bounce back anything that comes at me, anything that may try to overwhelm me, confuse me, get under my skin, tempt me, or cause me harm or fear.

When I grow weary, He will sustain me. When my mind fails me, He will be my strength, help, and wisdom. In my weakness, He is strong. When I feel like I am at a loss, I will wait upon Him, as I expect His strength and peace and joy to fill me up again.

Even when it seems there is no way, even when it seems as though I am going to fall down or headed for failure, He will sustain me, and enable me to do what He leads me to. He’s faithful and trustworthy, and always makes a way through, anything I could ever go through.

Thank You, Lord Jesus. I rejoice in You.


-Heather ?

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