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9.15.19 – Seeing Him Within My Daily Life

I woke up this morning, thinking it was Monday –but it’s really Sunday.

The last couple of days have been planned, down to the minute. We’ve planned and scheduled around photo-video shoots, the weather, the traveling from one part of the state to the other end of the state, and then to another state… and it’s been a little tighter than we’re usually comfortable with.

In the “scheduling” we have to estimate how much time things could take, factoring in travel time, shoot time, time to eat, time to dump footage, time to change clothes, enough time to sleep at night before getting up in time for the next shoot… it’s been extremely tight, and honestly if one thing had really gone wrong, including the weather, it could have really thrown off the last couple of days.

But it’s amazing to me how I can see the Lord’s work within the schedule of the last couple of days…

Things that could have really not worked –they flowed and worked out SO perfectly…

And I see things that could have thrown us off if we hadn’t of done them the way did, and in the timing that we did. The Lord has truly led us and helped us to make the right decisions, even down to the weather. Even down to a random wild, shirtless man who decided to ride a really loud 4-wheeler around in a subdivision where we were recording an interview outside. haha! Right as we finally got set up, here he comes…. but we were able to laugh about it (while I silently prayed, “Lord HELP US this is out of our control!” haha) and just like that, then he was gone. The interview was flawless and we had just enough time to wrap that up and head up the mountain for a wedding we had to shoot that day.

There are other things over the last couple of days, that I won’t mention, that could have really gone wrong, but the Lord smoothed them out, and everything was perfectly fine.

Times like these make me realize just how much we depend on Him in our day-to-day. We depend on Him for every. single. thing. I can see things trying to come our way, obstacles — I mean it could be anything. Then I see the Lord working them out so perfectly, time and time, and time again.

I find myself constantly talking with Him, more and more out loud too, just talking us through things… thanking Him when I can see Him working things out, asking for His help when I can see that we could be in trouble, or when we’re not sure what to do, declaring my trust in Him no matter what.

I’m so glad that He’s there. ?

Sometimes life does feel like an “obstacle course” at times. I don’t love it, being that on edge, in fact it’s a challenge for me to not be anxious at times, but it’s in those times that I learn more about Him, it’s in those times that I learn to listen more closely and learn to watch Him more closely, and remember to thank Him when I see Him intervene in situations.

It’s in those times that I get to see His salvation, I get to see His faithfulness in my life so clearly… as He becomes more and more real to me, as I get to see Him in such real ways within my own life.

Thank You, Lord. ?

-Heather ?

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