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9.16.19 – There is no story like mine, there is no story like yours.

I love the way the sunlight shines through my dining room windows early in the mornings.

Sometimes I’ll just turn my face towards it and I’ll look at all the pretty sparkles and rainbows that I see through the lenses of my glasses, the little shapes the light makes through my eyelashes, when I close them half way…

At times I get lost in wonder… and I like to stay there for a little while.

What must it have been like to walk with God in the cool of the morning?

I wonder what it was like to look into the eyes of Jesus?

What is God thinking at this very moment? (and how many thoughts are those at the same time?)

How many times in my life have I encountered angels, unaware?

Sometimes it’s good to get outside of my own little life, to just get outside of my own story for a little bit.

I love to hear stories.

You know, there are some incredible stories out there within people. Stories that have remain untold, unshared. Beautiful, beautiful stories.

Have you ever heard someone share about a part of their life, and you wonder if you are hearing it shared and told in that way for the first time? You wonder if it has ever been told… you wonder if it has ever been written and recorded…

It happens more than we realize. It breaks my heart when people seem to not care to listen. I’m guilty of it as well, when I get too wrapped up in my own life.

Some people don’t care about anything but their own story, but I think it’s important to honor each others’ stories. To listen, to ask questions, to honor.

No one has the same storyline, and as we share our own, as we listen –as we tell about our lives and what the Lord has done, what we’ve been through, what we’ve experienced in life, we are honoring the Lord, we are speaking of what He’s done, what He’s carried us through, showing how He’s shaped us and brought us to where we are.

The story we have within us is a treasure. No story is the same.

There is no story like mine, and no story quite like yours. Isn’t that amazing? God made that happen!

As a side note, I don’t quite understand myself this morning. That’s not unusual though. ??#INFJ ?

Thank You Lord, for giving us our very own story — we get to have a part in writing each day with our choices and decisions. We have a part in shaping how the story turns out, and then we get to tell about it all in a way that is one of a kind, sharing about ways that have never been before, Your ways, God! The things You’ve done for us! The way you have worked in my life, and in the lives of each of us, individually — these ways are completely one of a kind as they are played out in my life. That’s amazing to me. Help us to honor one another. Help us to to be able to share and to be able to listen, and when it all comes down to the things that really matter –to give You the glory within our story.

Thank You, Lord. ?What a gift You have given us. Help us to realize this, and help us to treasure and honor one another.

-Heather ?

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