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9.18.19 – Uncovering Hidden Things

The Lord has this way of uncovering and revealing hidden things.

Sometimes they are hidden things that He wants to bring to light because they are good things –things He intended to be seen.

And sometimes there are hidden things that He wants to bring to light so they can be realized, washed away and repented of.

Well, today, He’s showing me yet another thing within myself that was hidden, laying low, trying to stay under the radar –something that could turn into a potentially dangerous thing… He knew it was time for it to surface.

Oh how He has this way of surfacing these ugly and limiting things that hide deep within us… these things that can hide and then come out in the thoughts that we have, our reactions, the things we say and do, the choices we make…

This morning as He showed me this thing in the most loving way, I wept, because I knew it too. And I knew that He was letting this thing surface because it was time to repent and take care of it, because it’s time for it to stop getting in my way, it’s time for it to stop affecting the things I think, do, and say.

He helps us to see the things that are really in our hearts.

It’s hard to see and accept sometimes, and it can be painful to realize, but it’s for our good, and it often affects far more people than we can comprehend.

It’s up to me what I can do in this moment.

I can realize, and I can just stay where I am, as the ground turns into quicksand…

Or I can realize, I can ask the Lord to help me and forgive me, I can repent, I can turn –and with His help, I can take a step into the right direction forward. I can take a step away from where this could be headed…

He’s so faithful. He has this way of showing us where we’re going wrong, in the most loving way. He has this way of showing us the things that are trying to hide within our hearts that can destroy us, or shut us down.

I know too well what it’s like to be on a dangerous path and to feel completely helpless and powerless in dealing with the things within my heart… I know what it feels like to “feel” overpowered by the darkness. It’s not truth, but it sure can feel real if we begin to embrace it as “true.”

So thank You, Lord, for helping me to just not even go there. Thank You, Lord, for the way You shine Your light into my heart, into every part of who I am. You are so faithful to show me the things that I need to see in order to deal with the things that hold me back, or could take me down a dangerous path. You do this because You love me, and You want me to be close with You, and You are faithful to reveal these things to me so that nothing will be able to come between us.

I know that when I realize and turn… You will help me in taking that next step forward into the right direction again, before I get myself off course. You give me the strength I need, You set me in the right place, You keep me going in the right direction. You keep my heart pure and my eyes clear.

Thank You, Father. ?

-Heather ?

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