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9.25.19 – When memories try to pull me backwards…

Do you ever find yourself suddenly thinking of past regrets from time to time?

Maybe a thought, or a picture from a memory of the past comes to your mind that you haven’t thought of in a long time…and it just makes you stop and cringe. ?

This happened to me the other day, and it tried to pull me back into shame and regret. I had to quickly run to the Lord about it, and be reminded that He has already forgiven me, and washed away the sin and the shame. That I’ve already done all that I need to do about that situation.

I realized in that moment that this was an attempt to pull me backwards, this was an attempt to keep me from moving forward, this could go somewhere not so good.

So I had to run to my Heavenly Father, and into His Word, to be reminded again of what has already been done, what has already been taken care of.

“Look at how awful you really are… look at the horrible things you have done…” –Well, yes, I did once do these horrible things… but I have been washed clean and forgiven. If God doesn’t dwell on these things about me, then why should I?

I had to resist, and run to Him to be reminded, to rest in Him, and to be refilled and renewed, and ready for the next step.

Soon all of that was gone and behind me, but this morning I felt compelled to write about it. In fact, I was reading something and suddenly I knew I needed to write about this today.

I think that’s what I do sometimes, when I feel that there’s been an attempt or when I go through a struggle, I turn it around and write about it as I remind myself of the truth, and remind myself of who God is, and who I am in Him. I write about what the Lord has done for me… and I allow His light to shine on whatever the thing is that I’m going/ gone through, and I let it all “backfire”… ?☺️☀️?

Sometimes memories will come up at such a “strategic” moment, in attempt to shut us down, to pull us backwards, to cause us to stumble…

It’s not a coincidence these things come to mind when they do, it’s all part of the attempt.

With things like this I don’t need to “fight back“… I simply need to resist, and run to my heavenly Father, rest in what He speaks, and remember what He’s done for me, what Jesus has done for me. Then I’ll be refilled, rested, refreshed, and ready for the next step.

I’m so thankful that I can run to You, Father. I’m so thankful that You remind me of what I need to be reminded of to be able to resist the enemy. I’m so thankful that You help me through every step, and refill and refresh me, and prepare me to keep moving along in my journey. You don’t want anything to hold me back!

-Heather ?

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