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9.26.19 – “It’s already in the works.”

You know… I had a thought as I sat here this morning.

God had plans for me to not “miss out” all along. ?

He had plans for me to not “miss out” even before I prayed and asked Him a few years ago, to not let me “miss out” on what He’s doing.

I think back to my prayer of desperation, frustration, near hopelessness… I was driving home from church one day –I had ran out early, and I remember crying so hard I could barely see to drive…

“God, this is a scary prayer for me to pray right now, because I don’t know what this could mean, I’m near hopeless, I’m helpless and deep in misery, and I don’t know how I’m going to change and get out of this place I am in, I don’t know how to not be afraid of You, I don’t know how to be close with You, but please don’t let me miss out! Please don’t let me miss out on what You’re going to do…don’t let me miss out on what You want to do with my life, and what You’re going to do in the earth.”

…He already knew what He had planned to do.

“It’s already in the works.” ?????☀️

Thank You, Father. ☀️

-Heather ?

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