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9.27.19 – Adventures with the Lord

This morning I found myself searching through my journals, looking for something I heard so out of the blue one day. I didn’t know what to do with it, and I never did gain understanding about it. So at the time, I just did what I do every day…. turn to the next new page.

It seemed it was a few months ago, and I so found my journal from around that time and just started skimming through to see if I could find this particular thing I heard and noted.

The Lord has been teaching me things over the last couple of years, intensely… and I’ve been learning to write things down as I hear them, and then I’ll often find myself and the Lord “connecting the dots” at a later time, pulling it all together.

…and then it’s like a light bulb moment as I realize,

“OH! Lord, that’s what You were saying! That’s what You were doing. It was You! I can see that now, and I think I maybe knew it then too, now that I’m learning about You, and learning about me.”

I love when that happens. ?☀️

But…. I never did find the thing I was looking for this morning….

Instead I found what I think the Lord wanted me to find. ?☀️

I love when that happens too. ☺️Perhaps that was the thing I really needed to find today, and not what I thought I was looking for. ?

It’s amazing to me, how the Lord makes Himself known to us, how He so personally reaches each of us, teaching us how to know Him, how to recognize it’s Him. And He spends time with us, helping us to understand, helping us to learn, helping us to grow.

I love these times with You, Lord. Thank You for teaching me, and for knowing me. Thank You for reaching me, and loving me unconditionally. ?

-Heather ?

2 thoughts on “9.27.19 – Adventures with the Lord

  1. To Heather thank you for sending letter of god to me&it was nice to read&my husband has stage 4 cancer&i’m leaning in to god more&more each day&i need him&i make mistake&i pray to lord when i do&he forgives me&I love him each everyday thank you god bless you Janellle

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