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10.1.19 – Gathering the pieces together…

I never know what I might find myself digging into, or reading in the Word, or what I may find, discover or hear…

This morning I found myself digging into several different things. Words given to me, pictures, a passage of scripture, things others have written that I’ve kept and held onto.

I had gathered all of these pieces, but I had no idea why.

So I just dug into each one, reading each one and looking at each piece as if I was seeing for the first time.

Suddenly it was like I could see the Lord connecting all of these things in ways I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but I just knew they were connecting, somehow.

In that moment it was like the Lord just broke me open and held me close as He let me see….something I couldn’t quite understand, but I knew there was something significant that He was allowing me to see, and I just wept there before Him, with this overwhelming sense of,

“God, You were working all along, weren’t You? You have never left my side, ever. You always knew… And now You are letting me see the tiniest glimpse of these things You are pulling and gathering together, and it’s the most beautiful thing…I don’t understand anything in my mind, I haven’t fully grasped anything here, but I have this knowing deep inside, that You are doing really amazing things and You are somehow allowing me to get to be a part of it… “

How good and wonderful He is to let me see a few things that He had been doing all along, things He has been preparing me for, and I still don’t have a way to express what I feel as He showed me this morning. Whatever it was, and however these different pieces tied together and connected, I still do not have words for. Just a knowing in my spirit that filled me with such overwhelming joy and excitement and gratefulness and a sense that He has me right where He wants me to be, and He’s been with me all along…

He’s so good to do that, isn’t He? To remind me that He’s been working and weaving and speaking and moving and loving me… all along.

Why He let me connect some new “dots” this morning, I do not understand, but it did something within me that brought me so much joy, and excitement, and an overwhelming love from my heavenly Father.

Also, this verse is on my heart and it’s also the one that’s on the page of my journal for today…

“Arise, shine, for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” – Isaiah 60:1

Isn’t that verse just so beautiful and full of light and hope, and excitement and joy?

Thank You, Lord. ☀️What a treasure You are. You’re just so good, and I can feel that so deeply today.

-Heather ?

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