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10.5.19 – When another silly fear rises to the surface…

It’s funny how the silliest, most ridiculous fears and concerns seem to rise to the surface in my life… ?☀️

Certain things that maybe I haven’t really had to face, or things I’ve never really had to do very much of on my own…. and then suddenly I have to do this “thing” and I realize I’m really nervous about “doing this thing”…

Then it hits me,

That’s really silly. That stupid little fear has been hiding there, hasn’t it? Okay, Lord. I know what this means. It’s You and me conquering this little thing!”

Oh Lord, You always have this way of keeping me on my toes, don’t You? ☺️

I love that about Him. I’m so glad to be able to recognize when He’s doing something like this in my life. It makes it just a tiny bit easier in facing it. ?

Because I know that I’m about to conquer a “silly old thing” that perhaps has been hindering me for a long time –a fear, an insecurity…could be something I never realized was there until that thing was given the opportunity to come to the surface.

Welcome to my life! I asked for it, didn’t I? Thank You, Lord! ?☺️??☀️

This is the powerful truth and the reality of what the Lord says to us,

Don’t fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine.” – Isaiah 43:1

-Heather ?

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