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10.6.19 – Beyond Bread and Butter

Over the last few days, the Lord has been highlighting, and really speaking to me about “bread” –which is interesting and hilarious, given the fact that I don’t eat bread right now.

I haven’t really eaten much bread for some time now, for certain dietary reasons, so I wouldn’t say that I crave it, necessarily… at least not enough to dream about it, because of that reason.

But the Lord gave me a very interesting dream about bread this past week. The timing was very interesting as well.

This wasn’t just any ordinary bread…

It was the most amazing, homemade bread that I put on top of the stove, and then suddenly it kind of, “bloomed” open, kind of splitting open into slices (it seemed to have been a frozen loaf of bread that had been pre-sliced)… it split open enough so that I could see that it was the most heavenly, buttery, fluffy, cinnamon bread that I’ve ever seen. I could even smell it in the dream. I saw this bread, and then I woke up!

Then the Lord started showing me things about bread, and not just bread, but “bread and butter”….

This morning I saw a box notification on my computer, notifying me of articles (that I usually never read) but it said…

“Read this…” and it caught my attention and I clicked it with no idea of what topic it could be…

An article popped open with a picture of bread, and the title of the article was, “What is the Significance of Bread in the Bible?” — ha! ?

I think I laughed out loud while saying, “ha! Lord!! Another obvious thing about bread!” ?

There is tremendous symbolic significance in what He is showing me and Jason in our lives, and the connection with what He is teaching me and showing me about “bread.”

I’m so thankful when I can see the Lord is wanting to highlight something to me. Just think… the Creator of the Universe, Almighty God is taking the time to work things out to get our attention so that He can faithfully lead us… and He’s doing this all the time!

How many times am I not paying attention, and not looking for Him, and I miss seeing Him speak through every day things?

Lord, thank You for the things You take the time to show me. Thank You for the things You do to show me that You’re there, that You’re working, that You know every little thing that’s going on in my life, that You’re aware, and that You’re moving. You’re so good, and I’m thankful that You are allowing me to see what You’re doing, what You’re showing me. Take me deeper into these things, I want to understand and know what You are speaking and what You are revealing to me. Thank You, Jesus! Amen!

-Heather ?

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