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10.11.19 – Standing Firm

This past Sunday I took notice of a young man, raising his hands up in worship. I went to take a photo because the Lord highlighted this moment to me (I do photography on Sunday mornings at our church) but as I went to take the photo, another young man, about the same age pushed this young man’s arms down, while snickering at him.

What I saw struck me… and I watched to see what the boy would do.

And what did he do?

He raised his arms right back up, and worshipped the Lord. ❤️

I quickly captured the moment. I could see his determination to stand firm.

Next thing I knew the boy next to him was attempting to push his arms down again.

But the boy raised his arms back up again, determined to stand in worship.

I felt like I was watching the most beautiful moment unfold right before my eyes. I was getting to see a glimpse into the heart of this young boy who was determined to worship, no matter who might try to stop him.

He kept pushing through, and finally the other boy left him alone.

Lord, I want to be more like this young boy! I want to be determined to praise You, no matter who or what may try to shut me down. Give me that kind of heart, that kind of resilience, and that kind of determination to stand firm!

-Heather ?

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