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10.13.19 – Honestly don’t know where this will go…

As I begin to write here this morning, I’ll be honest and say that I don’t know where this could go…

I’ll be honest and say that I don’t have any sense of direction or subject from the Lord just yet, on what He wants me to write.

Usually I don’t begin here, in “this” place, until there’s some sort of direction.

This morning, the only direction I have is to “begin,” but I’m beginning blindly this morning because He led me to start typing, and yet I don’t know what I am to write about.

Sometimes life can feel like that.

For a minute, I actually wondered if maybe today would be the day that there’s nothing to write here.

Sometimes God allows us to understand things, and other times He just wants us to trust and obey.

I’ll be honest… that’s hard for me.

Because I have questions. I like to understand. I like to know. I like to be aware.

But sometimes there are lessons to be learned in the place of not knowing, not understanding, just trusting…

Sometimes it’s easy to think we “deserve an answer” or we “deserve to be able to always understand before we obey” and Lord knows, that one can get us into trouble. That one can catch us off guard. That one can lead us to disobey when we least expect that we would.

God knows this could get the better of me if I let it stay there.

I can usually tell when the Lord wants to take me deeper into something — a lesson, an issue, my heart, His heart, a change, a new thing…

Father, You have this way of keeping me on my toes. You have this way of drawing me. I’m so thankful for that, because if it weren’t for You, I’d be about as deep as I could go, underneath the ground. But You draw me to You, and You draw me out of my comfort zone, and You draw me to where I need to be. Thank You, Father. ❤️

-Heather ?

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