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10.15.19 – Morningtime Adventures with the Lord

This morning has felt like a treasure hunt, or maybe you could say it has been somewhat of an adventure with the Lord.

I’ll be honest and real this morning and admit when I first woke up, my mind immediately wanted to obsess and dwell over some frustrations about my weight. For some reason I wanted to research about foods and calorie intake and just go there right away…. but I knew that was not the right thing. I mean, really? I know better. It’s stupid. It’s a thing I deal with sometimes in my life.

It was very odd. But the interesting thing is, I woke up from a dream I had early this AM and I knew I needed to quickly get it down into my dream journal. Yet my mind was pulling me into thinking about being frustrated with my weight. I know better…

I went there for a minute or two, but then I knew I needed to move past that and get into writing my dream down before it became too fuzzy to remember.

So I wrote my dream down, and then I grabbed a book about biblical dream symbols that I have, and found myself connecting some dots about a previous dream that came to mind that I think I already knew, more was revealed about that particular dream from this book that so blessed me and encouraged me this morning.

But here is where it got interesting…

I started going back to some of the dreams I’ve had over the last couple of months. There are quite a few that I had that were kind of random and I didn’t understand at the time…basically just things and people that I saw in my dreams and I had made bullet points. I always write down what I remember, whether I think it’s from God or not.

Well, I came to two particular dreams, one from August and one from September… and it hit me as I read them, that what I saw in the dream literally happened in my life, and in that same order.

In the past I have had dreams that come to pass, but they have been more symbolic than literal. These two dreams were literal.

Lord, what are You trying to show me here?

So it’s been an adventure with the Lord this morning. I don’t understand why He is showing me this, but I think perhaps it means that I need to pay attention to my dreams. I think He’s reminding me to seek Him and to pay attention. To not take lightly the dreams that He gives me, to not disregard them as possible rubbish just because I don’t immediately conclude anything, but to be ready to pray into what is shown in the dream, whether I think it makes any sense or not.

Thank You, Lord! I am filled with awe and wonder of You and Your ways this morning. I love Your ways! Thank You for orchestrating some things this morning, for revealing something — and even though I don’t fully understand what to do with it yet, I am seeking You, and I trust You to reveal what needs to be understood and revealed.

-Heather ?

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