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10.18.19 – Inviting Him

I overslept this morning, woke up late…

But when I woke up, I realized had been dreaming a very long, detailed dream.

Somehow that dream seemed to keep me sleeping pretty good (or maybe it was because I didn’t listen to my alarm this morning ?haha)

When I woke up, it took me a second to realize that I had been dreaming because I was sleeping so hard. But then the dream started coming back to me in great detail as I began to write it down in my dream journal. Funny how that happens as I get my pen and paper.

So I took some time to record the dream this morning before doing anything.

I’ve noticed that I’ve been dreaming more often, almost every night. The dreams are becoming more and more real, easy to recall and record.

But you know, I remembered back to a few months ago, or maybe more — it was whenever I realized that I wasn’t dreaming as often as I was, or maybe it was back to when I would wake up and not be able to recall my dreams. So I talked with the Lord about it, told him that I’m sorry for not expecting the dreams from Him, for not waiting for the dreams, and I invited Him again to speak to me while I sleep, through dreams — and really, however He should want to speak to me during the night. I asked Him to help me to remember the dreams He gives me so that I can write them down, and pray about them, and that He would teach me what I am to do with these dreams.

So…. the dreams began increasing, right now they are happening just about every night, maybe about every other night.

Isn’t that interesting how sometimes we’ve got to remember to invite the Lord? Isn’t it interesting how sometimes we’ll realize that maybe we’ve been nudging Him to the side in a certain area of our lives, or not appreciating His presence, or not being faithful to do what He tells us to do with whatever He shows us.

The Holy Spirit is not “pushy and overbearing,” and yet, He’s powerful –and He wants to be “invited” by us. Isn’t that interesting? Isn’t that wild?

There are times in my life when I’ve invited Him to be “pushy” with me because of my strong, stubborn will. Times I’ve asked Him to change my heart in advance, to carry me through a situation where I didn’t trust my own will. There have been times when I so felt my flesh and I so felt the power of the Holy Spirit utterly compelling me to do something. It was usually at very crucial times in my life — how I felt the battle of my flesh, the attempts of the enemy, and the urgency of the nudging and even sometimes what felt like being “carried” by the Holy Spirit.

So today, I am reminded to “invite” the Holy Spirit into every part of my life, into not just certain areas, but into all of the areas, even the ones where I’d kind of like to keep hold of the “control” over where things go. Yep.

Anyway, I’ll stop there today. You know, I did wake up late. ☺️But somehow the Lord always gives me something He wants me write on here, even when I wonder if He might not…. at least for this season, however long it may be. Thank You, Lord. ?

-Heather ?

2 thoughts on “10.18.19 – Inviting Him

  1. Heather,
    I always read your msgs and wish I could have things from the Lord as clear as you do. But I never know if its the Lord or just me, and it’s sad because I have been serving Him all my life and I’m 66 years old.

    1. Hey Teri! Thanks so much for writing! Oh my, I would love to be able to hear Him more clearly too! Sometimes it seems it would be easier to know (and to not make mistakes or second guess myself all the time) if I could just hear Him literally! But you know, I’m thankful that wanting to hear and know Him draws me closer to Him so that I can get to know Him and learn His ways. I used to be afraid of having dreams, it was overwhelming to me, but when the hunger in me was greater than the fear, I found myself asking Him for dreams, inviting Him to speak to me in dreams, and in time as I readied myself to receive them, expecting Him, I notice more dreams. Some I write down, I have no idea if they are sifinificant or not, but I write them down so that He has the opportunity to show me, even later on, if they are. Bless you, Teri! Thank you for writing me! – Heather

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