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10.22.19 – His Fingerprints of Faithfulness

Every now and then the Lord leads me into a journey through my journals.

This morning the Lord reminded me of a powerful and life changing moment in my life, and so I went to find this particular journal and turned to this page.

It happened to be the last page of that journal. So I read back over what the Lord spoke to me that day, and then started working my way backwards from there, all the way back to Day 1 of that journal.

I believe the Lord wanted me to trace back and reflect on His faithfulness. He wanted me to see where He was working, how He was preparing me, how He was bringing me through certain fears, how He was helping me through certain challenges and struggles, and what I considered to be “failures”… how He was working in and with every single kind of situation I was going through in that season of my life.

After taking this time to see, and reflect on His faithfulness… seeing why thing worked the way they did, the lessons I was able to learn, why God allowed certain situations, and how He worked with my mistakes to teach me…

After reflecting on all of these pieces of my story, the Lord placed something on my heart for today…

He reminded me that there will be times when I won’t “know what to do” in the moment, but to hang onto Him, to trust in Him fully. He reminded me this morning, through this reflecting back on my journey through a particular season, that I can trust Him. He’s been teaching me to trust Him. He’s trustworthy. He’s faithful.

He doesn’t need to “prove” His “trustworthiness” to me –I know that His Word is true, and yet this morning He has allowed me to look back and see His fingerprints of faithfulness all over my journey —He’s so kind and gracious. Sometimes it feels like the Lord goes above and beyond, and I am overwhelmed by His goodness.

He reminded me to keep standing on my tip-toes, looking to get a glimpse of Him, looking to see Him, looking to find Him, looking to recognize Him (from getting to know Him in the secret place, from learning to know Him), and that He’ll be just right there.

This morning He’s reminding me to trust Him. To abide in Him. To rest in Him. To wait upon Him expectantly in times of uncertainty. He is faithful.

Lord, help me to be ready to trust You! No matter the situation. That no matter what may come my way, I will not be shaken because You are my Rock, and I place my trust in You, no matter how things may seem. You are faithful!

“His massive arms are wrapped around you, protecting you.
You can run under his covering of majesty and hide.
His arms of faithfulness are a shield keeping you from harm.” – Psalm 91:4 TPT

-Heather ?

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