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10.30.19 – Breaking Through the Obstacle

I woke up this morning feeling unusually sleepy, lethargic, out of it, heavy…

I woke up with questions bouncing in my head like, “Why am I writing every day like this?” and then I heard the most ridiculous things like, “I just want to quit. I just want to go back to bed and sleep. How did I get myself into this, doing this every morning?”

I knew in this moment that I was going to have to quickly shut this down and press through whatever “this” is. It was intense this morning, probably more than ever since I have started writing on here every morning from my time with the Lord.

So I asked the Lord for help, and I stopped, and jumped onto a live prayer stream that I found online that the Lord led me to, and I spent some time praising the Lord, and determining in my heart that I would press through this to press into Him until I got through it.

(Funny how much of this online prayer had to do with pressing through resistance, pressing through heaviness, pressing through the enemy, the flesh, the issues, the past, the dread… order to go deeper with the Lord.)

I could barely keep my eyes open to even pick up my pen to write, to talk with the Lord. I would fall asleep sitting up. It was intense. But as I listened and agreed with this live prayer from this morning, I was able to pick up my pen to begin to write to the Lord in my journal, to praise Him, to ask Him for help, to declare that was breaking through and out of all of this “stuff” and I declared that I can do all things through Christ, that He is my strength to breakthrough, that it is His will that I break through the resistance to get to Him.

As I am writing this now, I can feel myself waking up and breaking through this, I can feel that I am pressing through this –whatever that was.

You see, I am learning that when I begin to face something that is not of the Lord, He’s got something on the other side of the obstacle, the hindrance, my flesh….. He’s got something on the other side of that for me to get to.

…Him. His presence. Awareness of His nearness. His heart. His truth. His light. His renewal. His peace. ?

Thank You, Jesus. ?☀️You are faithful. You are my Deliverer. You break down any wall, any obstacle that comes between us. You draw me close.

-Heather ?

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