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11.5.19 – I finally listened to Kanye’s album, “Jesus is King”…

I finally got to listen to Kanye West’s album, Jesus is King, yesterday.

Every time I’ve thought of listening to it, I’ve waited because I wanted to wait until a time that I could listen to it as a whole, undistracted.

I had a drive by myself yesterday, and so I had about 3 hours of drive time to just listen and take it all in.

As I began to listen, I felt such an overwhelming sense of… a sweetness, well, it was more of a realization…

“What I am listening to right now, this music that has been birthed through this man… all of this has been created ‘for such a time as this’…”

Here is a man who has just experienced new life in Christ… he has been radically saved, delivered, set free, and set on the path of life…. He realizes what his purpose is and he has stepped into it. You can look at him and see he’s a brand new man. You can see that the heaviness has been lifted off of him.

This music that I’m hearing, these words, what he’s doing is fresh and groundbreaking, it’s the direct result of inspiration from a radical encounter with Jesus Christ, it’s radical –and the Lord is using this man to reach the whole world in a new and different way.

God is using such an “unlikely” man to reach “unlikely” people in such a new and mighty way.

As I listened for probably 3 hours total on my drive yesterday… I felt the significance and the power of God touching Kanye’s testimony in this music.

I saw people being set free, addictions being broken off of their lives, people being delivered as they worshiped Jesus and praised His name, as they are able to hear this man’s testimony and see the transformation of his life.

I found this video of one of the Sunday Services, and wanted to share (in case you haven’t already seen it a million times already)

It is reported that thousands are giving their lives to Christ in these Sunday services.

As I listen to this music, as I watch this video, I can’t help but celebrate with Kanye. I can’t help but cry tears as I hear the power of his testimony in this music, I can’t help but be excited.

I hear that some are offended and appalled. It’s so outside of the box! It’s so “unexpected” and so like God, isn’t it?

I feel such an urgency to pray for this man. He is boldly going where many would be too afraid to go. The Lord is his strength and his courage, he must be coming up against so much as he steps into this. He needs to be covered in prayer. His family needs to be covered in prayer.

Truly it seems that he was created for “such a time as this” ?

God is using this man, He’s using his testimony in a mighty way.

We are watching history being made. ?

But here is the thing all of this made me realize…. we all have the opportunity to share our testimonies of how Jesus has transformed our lives. We all have the opportunity to be inspired by the Lord, to create with Him. Look at what God can do with such “unlikely” people… God can use unlikely people in unlikely ways, and it’s beautiful, and it’s powerful.

Thank You, Jesus!

-Heather ?

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