11.8.19 – God’s plans are bigger than we know…

So right now I am still in process mode…

(And… I woke up a little late because I didn’t get home from church until around 2:30 AM this morning.)

Do you remember back in June when I wrote about our visit to Dawsonville, GA? Jason and I went to the revival going on down there, and the Lord just completely “messed me up” and He put something within me that I’ve not been able to really put words to. Read here if you would like to read my attempt.

But there is a part of this whole thing that I haven’t really attempted to put words to. I’ve really just been waiting on the Lord, watching to see what unfolds…

When Jason and I went to be baptized that first time in Dawsonville, I personally wanted my baptism to represent my desire for all that God has for my life, my desire to walk in what He has planned for me to do. Submission. Obedience. Laying it all down for Him.

I did ask for prayer for healing when I went…but there was something within me that –even though I believe the Lord is going to complete that healing process, I had a very strong sense that there was something much, much bigger that the Lord was wanting to do in and through our lives. I knew that the moment I stepped foot into the water. It was almost like I felt, “this is bigger than me, this is beyond just me and my life” Asking for healing seemed very, very small in that moment, compared to this strange sense of something significant the Lord was doing within me and Jason.

I had no idea what the Lord was wanting to do, and I had no idea what would so beautifully begin to unfold. (I still have no idea!)

Do you remember the symbol of the dove that caught my attention on my can of coffee, as we were on the way to Dawsonville that first time?

I didn’t know why it seemed so significant to me at the time, other than the fact that it was a “dove” (the Lord has gotten my attention with doves over the last couple of years – I don’t even know why) but it wasn’t until we came back that I started to realize the meaning to this symbol of the dove… It’s the dove from the ark. It’s the dove that was sent out, and found land, and it brought a branch back to Noah as a sign to him.

Last night, we had our first baptism service at our home church.

As I sat there watching person after person receive something very deep from the Lord…. there was something within me that felt what I felt in Dawsonville that first time Jason and I went….I connected the first time we went with this first time at our home church….I connected what I went through in the baptismal waters with what I saw these people now experiencing, and again –I had this sense of knowing that “something” that is so much “greater” and so much “bigger” that God is doing, that He is working out, that He is inviting us into, that we get to be a part of.

I realize this may not make any sense to most of you who read my blog, but I wanted to write about it here today because, well — it’s on my heart. I’m processing a lot of things this morning, and all I know is this…

God is inviting us into “big things” and “greater things” with Him. It’s like we have no idea of the “bigness” of what He is inviting us into, but it’s big. It’s exciting. It’s bigger than we can understand or comprehend.

It’s not for us to question or to second-guess. It’s for us to simply say “yes” and step into.

He thinks big.

Thank You, Lord. ?

-Heather ?

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