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11.12.19 – Ohh, He’s doing it again…

I’ve got my entire dining room table covered in old journals….

He’s doing that thing again… ?✨☀️

It’s that thing He does where He leads me back through my old journals and He shows me things I’ve never noticed before. Prayers I’ve written down, questions I’ve asked Him, things I’ve heard Him speak to me, some of them have huge question marks beside them because I had no earthly idea what they meant at the time, but I knew it was something He was saying to me.

That’s the thing I love so much about journaling. I love how the Lord can use it at a later time to let me see what He was doing all along. I may not understand the fullness of what He was doing, but it is a way that He can show me a little more, and a little more, and a little more, and a little more… until I can see a part of His puzzle taking form, I can begin to see more of the picture.

I love that about Him. It’s such a kind thing for Him to do….

Because He doesn’t have to do that, but He does. And when He does, I sit in awe and amazement and wonder…. “God… You were doing that all along!”

“God, when I cried out to You about this thing I was going through, this is what You had in your heart, this is what You were leading up to….”

“God, that time You said that thing that made no sense to my mind at the time, and yet I knew it was a word from You…. I understand what You were speaking to me now. WOW!

“God, that dream You gave me, it all makes sense to me now!”

So last night and this morning, it’s like God has been taking me back to see all of these little treasures that are hidden within the pages of my journals.

And it’s like I have been filled with a brand new kind of “awe and wonder” this morning…. like there’s a “sparkle of light” in there that I can feel….

(If that makes any sense. I know it sounds a little cheesy, but that’s okay.)

Write down what He shows you, even if it doesn’t make sense in the moment. Write it down, ask Him about it, one day He may bring you back to those very things and show You why He spoke it to you, and show you what He was doing all along. I am learning never to disregard anything that I feel might be from the Lord. I may not tell any other soul on the planet, but I can write it down, in faith, knowing that He’s always speaking. My mind might not comprehend these kinds of things in the moment, but I’ll usually know when it’s significant in my spirit.

He’s such a kind God, and He loves to fill us up with awe and wonder and excitement and that “spark” that keeps us hungry to discover more of who He is, and more of who He created us to be and do.

Thank You, Lord. ?✨

-Heather ?

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