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11.21.19 – “God can use ‘shy’ people too.”

I’m going to share something with you that someone shared with me a few years ago….

It was Sunday morning. Somehow, I made an uncomfortable effort to drag myself to church that day.

You see, it was a part of my life when going to church was extremely hard for me. Going to church was painful and often discouraging for me, because of the struggles I faced. I would often leave feeling defeated and frustrated because all of my insecurities, feelings of not measuring up, shame about not experiencing freedom and yet not knowing how to receive freedom….

Social anxiety was tormenting me and holding me back, making me want to run and hide myself away. I felt useless and trapped.

After the service I rushed to the car to escape the crowd, as usual…while waiting for my husband. “Shew, I made it through another service.”

I looked over –a man that I knew from church had pulled up beside our car, rolled down his window, and he said this to me…

“Can I share something with you that I feel is from the Lord?”

I said, yes.

He said,

“…God can use ‘shy’ people too…” and he smiled.

In that moment, it was like a weight had been lifted off of me, and I felt hope again.

It was something I so desperately needed to hear. I knew it was from the Lord, especially with the morning I had that day.

I was reminded of this moment as I was washing dishes yesterday, and I ran to my computer to write it down.

Perhaps it’s for someone else who so desperately needs to hear it. So I’m sharing it with you. ?

“God can use ‘shy’ people too.” ?

-Heather ?

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