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11.25.19 – “The Most Beautiful Story Ever Written”

Over the last couple of years it’s felt like I’ve been on this trail of “bread crumbs” in the woods that the Lord has left for me to follow towards Him….

…and I’ve found, that as I discover the next bread crumb, my hunger only grows stronger….

Lately I have noticed that my hunger to understand my dreams –has grown, and my hunger is only growing deeper and deeper as I learn more.

The Lord is beginning to help me understand some pieces, some of the purpose for why He’s showing me what He’s showing me in my dreams…. but it’s only enough to keep me hungering for more.

I’m finding myself constantly filled with awe and wonder, marveling at the way God shows us things about our purpose, the way He makes us aware of things in our hearts, the way He leads us into prayer, the way He gives us warning of possible danger, the way He can use dreams to draw us closer to Him and into our destiny and purpose.

It feels like He’s gradually revealing mysteries…. a kind of mystery that keeps me hungering for more of Him.

My very first dream journal that I began in 2018 is almost filled up.

There are many dreams that I’ve recorded, and yet I have not received much understanding so far. There are a handful that are crystal clear, and there are pages and pages of other dreams that I know are significant, and yet I haven’t been able to pin point the message or purpose for those dreams.

I find myself marveling at the way God is speaking to me and showing me things in my sleep… even though a lot of the time I don’t immediately understand the dream, I believe there is a reason He’s put it on my heart to remember them and record them, to press in and to seek Him for understanding and revelation.

There is a deep hunger to learn more, to “get” what God is wanting me to “get” and grasp. But more than anything is has drawn me closer to Him.

I love His ways, I love how He works…

Aren’t His ways just so beautiful?

…the way He has “written” these stories together in our lives, the way He brings it all together, all of the pieces of our lives, all of the situations, the victories, the failures — everything.

He writes the most beautiful story with our lives.

He’s writing the stories of our lives –with us, with others, with Him –and He’s making it all part of, “The Most Beautiful Story Ever Written.”

He’s invited us into this. Isn’t that incredible?

God, thank You for inviting me into Your story, and letting me have a part. God, thank you for this hunger You’ve placed in me, and thank You for these dreams, even though I don’t have full understanding yet. I can tell You’re doing something, and more than anything, You’re leading me closer to You. That’s the best part. ?

-Heather ?

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