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12.5.19 – Discovery

Right now my life feels like a journey of “discovery”…like a wonderful kind of non-scary adventure.

This adventure is not “scary” in the way that it once was.

As I’m learning to rest in Him, to trust Him –this adventure isn’t the same kid of “overwhelmingly scary” –even when I face the most “scary” things, and the biggest unknowns.

On this road of discovery, it feels like the Lord is allowing me to discover more of Him, in the form of finding “treasures” He’s placed here and there, and in that, at the age of 34 –I’m just now discovering more of who He designed me to be. ?

Lately He’s given me such a hunger to understand my dreams.

A hunger to understand His language…. a symbolic language that He uses, that somehow merges with my own language.

Isn’t that beautiful? It’s so incredibly personal. So Him.

I don’t think He would give me these dreams, bring them to my memory, have me write them all down in detail, just for nothing… He’s teaching me.

But here’s the incredible thing….

He’s walking this journey of discovery with all of us, each individually and uniquely.

He’s a one-on-one kind of Teacher, the lesson is completely personalized just for you and just for me. It’s an invitation into the greatest adventure that is just right there, if we choose to step into it.

I’m watching my own life unfold. I’m walking the story, and getting to enjoy watching my own story with Him, unfolding right before my very own eyes. Can anyone relate to that? It’s a strange feeling.

The “unknown” used to be one of my greatest fears.

But when I face the “unknown” with an all-knowing, kind and loving Heavenly Father that I know I can trust…. I no longer fear the unknown. I can just rest and walk and wait and learn and rest…. as He shows me the next thing, as the next thing begins to “open up” and take form before my very own eyes. As I discover the next treasure He has set in place for me to discover in the journey… all in His perfect time.

Thank You, Father. ?What a joy it is to discover You.

-Heather ?

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