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12.6.19 – A Faithful Friend, All Along

Some mornings I sit here with Him for a couple of hours before it’s clear what I am to write about.

And then there are mornings when I literally sit down, and it’s just ‘right there,’ and I have to grasp it and begin writing before it slips away.

This morning I thought of a memory, rather quickly… and as I thought of it, I could see it.

I was maybe about 3 or 4 years old, telling the home video camera about my massive storybook bible, giving “do’s and don’ts” –I suppose,

“….. and you never want to tear any pages out of your bibles…” I said, in the most stern, Southern kind of kid tone you could imagine.

That was my message. haha! To be very careful with handling your bible, and not to tear any pages out of it. I probably only remember this because my parents captured it on video and I’ve rewatched it with the family a few times and we’ve laughed about it.

But why in the world is this memory coming back to me now, at this time of morning?

I think perhaps it’s to remind me that He has been with me all along. ?

For as far back as I can remember, Jesus was my friend. He was near and dear to me, He was my friend, especially when I had no other friend.


God the Father was always “a little scary, sometimes a lot. Unapproachable. Intimidating.”

And the Holy Spirit was…. well…. a “scary unknown” because I thought He was some kind of spooky ghost that didn’t really ever apply in my life.

This morning I thought back to that mindset, that way of thinking, how God has shifted and transformed it so, how He has been correcting my perspective, clearing away the lies and misconceptions.

But… Jesus was getting me to this place all the time. ❤️He was always my faithful friend.

I didn’t understand our friendship. I didn’t always feel that close friendship with Him, growing up. I didn’t always think of Him so much.

But He was always my friend, whether I realized it or not.

He was always leading me to the heart of the Father. He was always longing to show me who the Holy Spirit really is, and what He is doing, what He is here for.

It didn’t really all begin to “click together” until much, much later…

The distance between the “point A” and the “point B” may have been a little more spaced apart than I would have liked, but I know it’s all going to be used for a purpose. That’s how He works, somehow. ??✨?

He has been a faithful friend all along, even when I wasn’t. ☀️

I take comfort knowing that He’s still doing this kind of transformative work in my life…. a work that only He can do.

Thank You, Jesus. ?Thank You for all that You have done to shape my life into a place where I can begin to understand…. the warmth of my Heavenly Father’s heart, and the beautiful, gentle and powerful presence of the Holy Spirit who gives me understanding and direction, and the reminder of Your faithful friendship, Your example, Your Salvation that I get to experience every. single. day.

-Heather ?

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