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12.15.19 – “My people will dwell in a peaceful habitation…”

I had a dream last night that was a little bit “alarming”…

It was not a nightmare, but it was like this dream was showing me something to be made aware of, a potential threat — not to freak out over, but simply for me to take to my Heavenly Father this morning, and to ask Him what He wants me to understand and what He wants me to do with this dream –to pray into it, whatever He leads me to pray, trusting Him with no worry or fear.

I love how these kinds of dreams from the Lord are not meant to drive us to fear, they may be used to “shake us” a little bit… but they are like more of an “alarm” or “alert” to bring something to our attention that would lead us to seek Him about the matter, and then simply trust Him with it…. no fear necessary. No need to be troubled or burdened with worry.

I noticed when I woke up, I was like “woah….I need to talk with the Lord about this. Something about this seems to be a serious matter. He’s pointed it out to me for a reason…” and I was able to peacefully go back to sleep after writing it down because I felt like it was something I was to sit with Him about in the morning.

In contrast, I remember some of the nightmarish experiences I used to have when I was younger…. I would wake up in a panic, I would break into a sweat, I would get so spooked, I felt a dark presence around me there in the dark, I would not be able to go back to sleep….

But when God wants to alert us about something in a dream, it’s so that we can take the matter to Him, to pray and to seek Him, and then to simply return the matter into His hands after we’ve done what we are supposed to do.

I love His ways. Yes, there is sometimes a need to “alarm” for a specific purpose, but never a need to worry or fear or fret over any of it.

“My people will live free from worry
    in secure, quiet homes of peace.
 No matter if hail destroys the forest and the city is leveled,
 you will be happy and blessed
    as you sow your seed beside every stream
    and loose your ox and donkey to graze freely.” -Isaiah 32:18-20 TPT

Thank You, Father. ?Thank You for showing me things I need to know, and thank You that as Psalm 91 says in verse 5, “You shall not be afraid of the terror by night” — You have been so faithful to make this real in my life as I have taken hold of this passage. Thank You for peaceful sleep –nighttime that I never have to dread. Thank You for making your Word real in this journey of discovery with You.

-Heather ?

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