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12.29.19 – “This is a test.”

Have you ever been in a moment, and it’s like suddenly you can stand “outside of that moment” –kind of like you have the opportunity to “hit pause” just long enough to stop and have a realization –and you know… that you’re in the middle of a “test”?

You know in this moment, that the Lord has you in this place, this situation, this circumstance, or perhaps He is allowing you to be in the place of putting to the test what He has just taught you? What He has just revealed to you…

I recently had one of those kind of moments.

Do you ever have moments where you react rashly, and then you regret handing it in the way that you did?

In this moment, it was like I had this “window of time” to stop and realize what was really happening –it was like I heard, “This is a test.”

I was somehow able to step outside of the situation to be able to see and understand that it was a test of something the Lord had recently taken me through.

I knew in that moment, that God had prepared me to deal with this very moment I was now facing. In this moment that I realized, “it’s a test” I was able to see and understand what was going on, what the enemy was trying, what my flesh was tempted to do, and I was able to connect everything with the way that God had so graciously prepared me– He had armed me to deal with this very moment.

I knew that He had taken me through that lesson for a purpose –perhaps for this very moment.

He prepared the path so that I could walk into victory.

“He trains my hands for battle; he strengthens my arm to draw a bronze bow.” – Psalm 18:34

“Praise the LORD, who is my rock. He trains my hands for war and gives my fingers skill for battle.” – Psalm 144:1

Thank You, Father. ?You are faithful.

-Heather ?

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