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1.8.2020: “A Year Ago Today”

Isn’t it funny how we tend to look back at “a year ago today?”

Interesting how God sometimes does things in that way too. It’s like that “year ago today” can be a marker that can take us back so that we can see what God was doing, and what He did.

Later, we can begin to see an even bigger picture of all kinds of other things that He was doing around a specific time –we can even see what the enemy was also trying to do that the Lord would use as He would take us through. How He uses the tests and trials and challenges to prepare us, for a purpose that could be hidden in part of our story.

I was looking back at my journal at a “year ago today”… 1/8/2019.

Not my journal on here, but my personal journal…

I had some questions for the Lord about my life and it was a day that I simply heard…


It was at a time when I had already been writing daily on this blog, but I sensed that He was wanting to do more with it all than what I was comfortable with.

I told Him that I felt so unqualified, that I didn’t feel like I could write, and I pointed out to Him “that so many others do it, why would my writings matter?” “What good would they do?”

I still don’t know all of the answers to these questions…

But I do know that I can see a bigger picture than I could before, “a year ago today” ☀️

I looked ahead on the pages of my journal, how the story of our lives took such a sudden and unexpected twist. I looked at the things God would do in the days to follow 1/8/2019…. things He spoke to me, things He spoke to others that were spoken to us, things that happened, things we faced, things God took us through…

I had an interesting note on one of the days to follow in my journal…

“I know God is doing something in all of this, but something about all of this feels like a test….a test with a blessing in store.”

In the days to come I had another “year ago today” moment when a dream I had “came to pass” a year to the day, to the time I woke up from that dream.

God knows it all. He’s aware of every single thing. He’s gone before us, and He’s got our backs –He’s speaking and showing us things, if we’ll just put ourselves in the place of being able to see and hear Him! Oh, how crucial is is to take heed to what He says to us and what He shows us –He knows everything that is going to be written in the story! There is a reason and a purpose for everything He reveals to us, everything He asks us to do.

He’s aware of every decision we’ll make even before we make it. He knows every step we’ll end up taking. He knows what all our mistakes will be, He knows where we will have moments of discouragement and where we will have moments of celebrating victory! He’s aware of the bigger picture… He knows how the story will play out, but in all of that we have to be the ones to take the steps, we have to be the ones to draw near to Him when He puts the drawing in our hearts.

Isn’t it wild how God knows how it will all pan out, He knows what we will choose even before we choose it, and yet He also gives us the free will to “choose and do”….

Kind of makes my mind twist up a little bit. Which lets me know it’s probably time for me to stop heading in that direction…. haha ?

“The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.” – Proverbs 16:9

There is a purpose for every step we take, there is a reason for every trial and test that we face. God uses it all. He teaches us things, He prepares us for things. He shows us His faithfulness as we look back on His fingerprints.

I know one thing, I don’t want to take any steps without Him. And I have also learned and realized how there is such urgency in every prompting for prayer from the Holy Spirit, in every sign that He points out to us to take note of…. He is always there with us, leading us in the way we should go. I want to make sure I am in the place of being able to hear and see, so that I am able to be aware of everything He is revealing and showing me. How dangerous it can be to become dull and numb to His Spirit…

I can’t wait to see the full picture at the end, or maybe I should say, as we get to understand the fullness of everything on the other side of eternity. ☀️

God, what a wild story You have created! You are so full of surprises! Thank You for being with us, thank You for leading us in the way we should go.

-Heather ?

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