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1.14.2020 – “Just look at what He’s led us through…✨”

Jason and I were just talking yesterday, about how our lives are in such a different place than a year ago…

My, how God has taken us through a challenging season.

My, how He worked a miracle to transform our lives in such a way…

My, how amazing it is to be able to see what He has done…

Life surely is an adventure.

This morning, what I heard from Him is a little different than usual.

It was as if I heard, now –what He was speaking over our lives —then.

It was as if I heard these words of encouragement this morning…

“Just keep going…

Just keep listening…

Just keep trusting…

Just keep moving…

I know how it seems…

I know how it will seem to you, over the next few weeks…over the next few months…

I go before you, I know what’s ahead.

And I know what I will take you through.

Just keep trusting Me. I am teaching you.

Just keep watching…

One day you’ll look back, and see all that I will do.

Just wait, and you’ll see!

Just keep choosing Me…

When everything seems uncertain, when everything seems to crumble, when everything seems unsure…

Just choose hope.

When it’s all “upside down” — just know that I am all around –I am in your midst.

My peace is meant to be found.

I am bringing you through this harsh time, and one day you will look back and see that God Almighty has ordered your steps and led you through these dark woods of confusion…

…and into the light of day.”

Psalm 46 (TPT)

God on Our Side

God, you’re such a safe and powerful place to find refuge!
You’re a proven help in time of trouble—
more than enough and always available whenever I need you.
So we will never fear
even if every structure of support were to crumble away.
We will not fear even when the earth quakes and shakes,
moving mountains and casting them into the sea.
For the raging roar of stormy winds and crashing waves
cannot erode our faith in you.
Pause in his presence
God has a constantly flowing river whose sparkling streams
bring joy and delight to his people.
His river flows right through the city of God Most High,
into his holy dwelling places.
God is in the midst of his city, secure and never shaken.
At daybreak his help will be seen with the appearing of the dawn.
When the nations are in uproar with their tottering kingdoms,
God simply raises his voice
and the earth begins to disintegrate before him.
Here he comes!
The Commander!
The mighty Lord of Angel Armies is on our side.
The God of Jacob fights for us!
Pause in his presence
8–9 Everyone look!
Come and see the breathtaking wonders of our God.
For he brings both ruin and revival.
He’s the one who makes conflicts end
throughout the earth,
breaking and burning every weapon of war.
10 Surrender your anxiety!
Be silent and stop your striving and you will see that I am God.
I am the God above all the nations,
and I will be exalted throughout the whole earth.
11 Here he stands!
The Commander!
The mighty Lord of Angel Armies is on our side!
The God of Jacob fights for us!
Pause in his presence

Sometimes we must endure the dark and fuzzy path, sometimes we must go through things that seem harsh or confusing, but He’s faithful to lead us through. ☀️

Then one day we can sit with Him and marvel at what He’s done… ?

“Just look at what I’ve led you through, just look at what I’ve done in you!”

“God, how’d You do that!? Wow. ✨God, You knew all along! And I know now why You put that fierce “got to keep going” in us… because ‘You know the plans You have for us, plans to give us a hope and a future.'” ❤️

Oh God… what are You doing now? ?☀️

-Heather ?

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