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1.17.2020 – Life: This Beautiful, Mysterious Adventure

He’s a God of mysteries….

But I love that He likes to let us in on some of His secrets –and it’s not in a way that makes us think we’ve got Him all “figured out”….. ha! ?No, but it’s in this way that leads us into this place of even more awe and wonder, marveling at Him in a way that leads us into a lifestyle of worshipping Him…

I love how He has this way of getting us just to the brink of something… just to the edge of something…

And it’s like, “God, I know You’re doing something…. I don’t quite know what that is — it’s so mysterious, but it’s like I can see something beginning to take form. It’s something that has not formed –not in a way that I can see just yet, but I can tell that You’re forming something in that ‘way that only You can do.’ Jesus — You have made the way for this….”

I love how He does that, don’t you?

In my life, I have struggled with the “fear of the unknown.” I tend to have a lot questions, I like to understand, and I like to know the plan. I like to be aware of things so that I can “brace myself” if I should need to…

…But God is teaching me that I can rest, that I can trust Him with my life.

He’s teaching me that I don’t have to always strive so hard to know, I don’t have to beg Him to know…. I can trust Him with my life. I can trust Him in this journey, I don’t have to brace myself for the twists and turns in the road, I can trust Him in the place I’m in. Whether it’s a place of clarity or place of unknown, I can lean on Him fully and trust Him at all times.

And I love how God never “forces” things to come together, He never tries to jam anything into place. He doesn’t have to do that. His plan is perfect. The work of His hands always fits together just right, and so perfectly aligned together, and at just the right time, and in just the right way.

Things happen in such a way, that we say, “Look at how this happened, somehow! That had to be God! Look at what He did within all that happened! Look at how it all came together in a way that is so “just right”….”

“He reveals mysteries from the darkness and brings the deep darkness into light.” – Job 12:22

“Jesus answered them, “To you it has been granted to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been granted.” – Matthew 13:11

The thing is, at times He may share and reveal certain things to us, but we can never think we’ve got Him figured out, we can never think we’ve got His full plan for our lives”all figured out” because He keeps us in this place of having to just trust Him, just keep moving with Him, one step at a time. He is a God of mystery, a God that we can follow with trust.

Sometimes He shows us pieces and parts, secrets and confirmations, and sometimes He allows us to look back and see how He did something, how He pulled out of a “bad situation” to make it right — How He made something of it, how He revealed something from that situation, how He taught us something valuable from that trial or challenge that we thought was the worst… allowing us to see a little more of who He is, a little more into His way and His character.

But the more I find myself seeing these things come together, these “interesting things” connecting…. a piece of the puzzle where I can begin to see a little more of the picture forming….I become enthralled by His mystery…. These pieces that I begin to see may go in line with where I “think” I may be headed, yet I never get to the place of thinking I’ve got the situation all figured out, because there’s just so much more to His mystery…. it’s always going to be more wonderful and perfect than I could ever guess or figure out, or think up for myself.

And it all of it leads me into this place of……

“God…….. wow. I know that You’re doing something, I know that You’re there weaving something together, You must be making something so beautiful. And I have this ‘feeling,’ but I definitely don’t have any of it figured out…. and that’s okay God, because I trust You. I will continue taking each step with You, and how wonderful and kind You are to let me see these little clues, these little symbols, these little glimpses into something You might be up to — these things that keep leading me forward– I know You’re up to something. You always are! What an adventure I get to have with You!”

You’re taking me on the most beautiful adventure, Lord. You don’t need me to hesitate or fear the unknown, or question You for the wrong reasons, You just need me to keep walking. ?

-Heather ?

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