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1.20.2020 – Absorbed

My journey (yes, journey ?) with the Lord this morning has been more like a mini treasure hunt…

It started with a thought as I sat down with Him this morning, then as I was thinking about this particular thing, I looked down and in the notes section of my bible was that actual word –the thing I was thinking about was right there (in bold) in the notes section of my bible. Then I went to that verse. Then I began to research the meaning of that word, and what it means biblically, symbolically –what it means to me…. then I talked with the Lord about it within my own life…. and then began a little adventure on the internet which led me into some things to consider, new ways of looking at this word, and before I knew it I was researching a particular tool that was used to prod an Ox (or a pair of Ox) along….. it’s called an Ox Goad, a humble little tool that looks kind of like a sharpened stick. Then before I knew it, I was reading about a man named Shamgar in the bible (Judges 3)……

By this time I pause and say…

“Lord? Where have You taken me this morning? What is the meaning of this? What are you wanting to show me through this little adventure we’ve taken this morning?”

Yes, He did take me through all of that to show me something. ❤️Perhaps all of that will be another journal post…. ?

But here’s the thing that I feel that He’s showing me to write about today….

The God of the universe (Quick side note: I just accidentally almost typed “university” there instead, and had to laugh a little bit – God has been so wonderfully hilarious this morning and it’s just so surprising! Isn’t it such a relief that He can be funny? I love that about Him.)

….but God is just waiting to take us each into adventure with Him! I never know where He will take me each morning, but He always takes me somewhere, if I’m just willing to go with Him, if I’m just willing to listen and ready to move, if I’m just open to receive. He’s taking me on a trail of discovery — a treasure hunt –and it’s wonderful, and it changes my perspective and it refreshes my soul and renews my mind. ☀️

I’m so thankful that God is so personal. He has all the time and all of eternity to spend with us. He loves to spend time with us, to show us things, to share His heart, to show us the truth of what’s happening within ours…sometimes it’s easy and relieving, and sometimes it can be a little hard to chew at first, but it’s always nourishing. It’s always necessary –and sometimes it’s crucial.

Yep. I want to know the truth. I want to know what is happening that needs to be seen. I want to know what He desires to do in my life –and sometimes that can feel like a daring place to dwell…. but I have decided that I want His way, not my own.

He prods me along, He shows me how to live, the direction I should go, how to submit, how to rest, how work, how to let go, how to keep going… and I just want to soak it all up like a sponge — completely absorbed with all that He has and all that He is.

God, I love these times with You. ?

-Heather ?

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