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1.21.2020 – Trigger Points

Have you ever had a knot in your back or in your shoulder that you didn’t realize was there?

…At least until something put pressure on it, right?

There are all kinds of nerves that can get tangled and intertwined in these kinds of knots.

When pressure is put on that knot, a nerve that’s intertwined in that mess can shoot out and extend pain to another part of your body, and you would have never thought the two could be connected. Who would have thought this knot could be the root cause of all the pain in this other area — this hidden knot with an unseen nerve pain connection…

They call it a “trigger point.”

It’s the same thing in life… those unseen “knots” that get pressure, causing a sudden “nerve” pain to shoot out — a “trigger point”… The discovery of a problem — a pain… that could be the root cause of all of these other kinds of pain and issues within our hearts, within our lives.

Something hits a “nerve”…this “trigger point” that I didn’t know was hiding there.

And I feel the pain…

I’m able recognize the unseen connection. The root cause of the pain. The root cause of the issue.

I welcome it, and I dread it and I’m thankful for it– all at the same time.

I am discovering that God sometimes allows these things in life that “put pressure on the knots”… those things in life that seem to “hit” that “nerve” in me…

…and it’s like I’m experiencing this pain all of a sudden, from out of nowhere… a “trigger point” that I didn’t even know was there.

In that moment, I’m able to realize the truth. I’m seeing what God sees in the unseen.



I’m able to see His perspective, I’m now seeing the harm it’s doing, and what it could do to me, to others, to my life, to my relationship with Him –I’m seeing what He thinks about this thing –this thing that He knows I need to face, this thing that He knows will make me better because of going through it, because of facing the pain…

Here before me is yet another thing He is helping me to see, in me.

This ugly knot, a hidden mess that needs to be worked out.

I can ignore it, I can avoid it, or I can let God work it out in me.

Am I going to let it remain? Will I ignore it until it begins to cripple me? Or I am going to face it, am I willing to deal with the pain that is necessary to work it out?

He gives us the choice.

God, I feel it, I see it now, I realize it, I recognize it now…. yes, it’s there. There’s no denying it. God, You have allowed me to see what it’s doing, what it’s done, what it’s trying to turn into….. I see it too now. Thank You, Lord. Now God, will You help me? Will You work this thing out?

He says,

“Do you trust Me? Then let’s begin to deal with this thing, you and Me. Together, we’ll work it out –your willingness, and My work that only I can do. There’ll be more pain as you face this, as you deal with this, but trust Me –I am taking you through what is necessary to make it better, to heal your heart, to transform your life.”

Thank You, Father. Whatever it takes, I want to be willing, and I want to take Your way. I trust You. ??

-Heather ?

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