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1.24.2020 – He likes to keep me on my toes…

Lately I’m noticing these patterns in my life….

It’s like the Lord has been teaching me how to recognize when He is leading me into the “next thing” –the next thing He wants me to learn, or to break through, or to step into.

It’s the “next thing” He wants me to learn with Him.

A lot of times it begins within the situations when I’ve felt I messed up or missed something in the moment… a realization of a shortcoming or weakness… an “Oh God, I did that wrong, didn’t I? I missed You, didn’t I?”

…and of course, the enemy would like me to dwell on my mistakes… I shoulda done this, I shoulda done that, how stupid, how dumb… how did I miss that, will I ever be able…”

But if I quickly get my mind back onto the Lord and off of my failures and shortcomings, often times this comes out in the clearing,

“Yes, you missed Me there, but here is what I am wanting to do in you…. this is the part where I am getting your attention so that you’ll pay attention to Me and see where I’m wanting to take you next…yes, you are weak, but I will give you the strength.”

I had something on my heart the other day. I kind of felt like maybe I didn’t step out in faith as I would have liked to…. I wouldn’t say that I’ve been troubled about it, I wouldn’t say that I’ve been dwelling on it in a negative way (but I almost did), but I’ve realized it’s an area I could really stand to grow in –this area that I seem to really stumble in, this area that I’m lacking in –a lot.

Well, I was standing at my dresser the other night, and the Lord highlighted this little book sitting there, I became curious to see what it was, and so I picked it up…

…how interesting that this book is precisely about the particular area that has been on my heart. This book digs into this area that I need to grow in.

It’s like the Lord is saying to me in the most gentle, loving way, “Yep, now you recognize and see that you need to grow in this area, and so here we go…let’s go there.”

He’s constantly doing this in my life, at least since I’ve agreed to this adventure. *grin* ??‍♀️#stubbornness

I find myself always walking into the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing…. and especially when I’ve felt like I’ve rested a bit –I’m definitely going into that next thing.

His way is always taking us forward. He’s always working with our shortcomings and mistakes to lead us into something He wants to do in our lives –giving us hope and encouragement to move on past the mistakes and into what He had planned all along…

Leading us forward…leading us upward…

Oh how He keeps me on my toes. ??‍♀️☀️?

-Heather ?

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